17 August 2007

Losing my mind?

Yesterday Rachel and I took a nap together in my bed. I wanted to take a nap and so I laid down in her bed with her. After a while she still wasn't settling down and looked like she was needing some more room. So I said "Let's go take a nap in mommy's bed." That did the trick and we were both out quickly. Today I put Rachel down in her bed and then went to lay in my bed. About a half hour later I woke up to what I thought was Rachel's voice--turned out it was just some kid outside. I looked up really quick to get my bearings and then looked next to me and saw that Rachel wasn't there! I swore she was sleeping next to me today too! I ran around the apartment looking for traces of her until I remembered she was sleeping in her bed.

Good thing I'm just losing my mind and not my kid.


Lisa M. said...

I've done typical things-


Glad you found her!

Melissa said...

Those moments of craziness are never fun. I always go into a panic. My imagination is a little too over active!

Lianna said...

that's funny. I'm not there yet, but soon i'm sure.