11 September 2007

September 11th

It's hard to know what to say on a day like today, but I just wanted to stop and commemorate it. I feel like people kind of forgot it today and haven't taken that time to remember the lives lost and the courage shown. I want to say thank you to those who showed great courage in helping and especially those that gave the ultimate sacrifice--their lives.

It's taken time, but I don't feel as emotional about September 11th this year. It is still a devastating thing to remember, but maybe it is true that "Time heals all wounds."


Melissa said...

I think this will be something that stays with us always, but you're right. It does get a little easier every year. I don't think it's that I've forgotten, but like you said, it's a healing process.

Lisa M. said...

I agree, completely.

Sarah said...

Yikes. I have to admit I totally overlooked 9/11 this year. Somehow I just didn't realize it was the anniversary. Probably because I can't even keep track of the weekday most days but my mommybrain excuses are wearing thin. Thanks for the post - I'm glad there are people out there more sensitive then I!