19 February 2008

On Creating

I have an innate urge to create. I wouldn't call myself crafty or anything but I've always had a hobby where I make things. I started cross stitching when I was about 10 or 11 and started sewing a few years later. Since then, I've learned how to knit, quilt, make bread and a few other things that never really caught on.

When Spencer and I decided to try for our second baby my urges to create things really increased. That is when I decided to learn how to make bread. When I got pregnant last summer I stopped making bread almost immediately. It was like as a woman I wanted to create something and finally getting pregnant really satisfied that internal desire.

As soon as I lost that baby the urges started up again. That is when I took up knitting. I've been knitting for a few months--even though I was pregnant--but the last couple weeks my appetite to make things has voraciously returned.

But instead of making crafts I have been baking and making things that aren't good for me or my family. :) I know that Spencer is happy about that but my teeth and my waistline are not.

Then on Sunday I got my most recent longing to make something. I was watching the second part of Pride and Prejudice with Spencer--yes he watches it with me--and finally decided I would make something from the Jane Austen era. I've been thinking about it for a couple weeks and just made the plunge and bought the things that I need last night. I'm sorry I'm being so vague but I can't say what I'm making in case any girls from my book club read this but when it's done I'll show you all. Right now we are reading Emma and for book club in a couple weeks we are going to watch the movie and have an authentic English dinner.

Making things gives me satisfaction and fulfills an inner desire. I'm so excited for this most recent project to give me purpose and help me to be happy.


Melissa said...

I'm so curious... I'm trying to think of what it might be! Will you be watching the PBS Emma (wait, did they do one???) or the one with Gweneth Paltrow?

Emily said...

I totally get you Jamie!! The need to create is in all of us women.... the kitchen, krafts, and clothes.... great center of creation!

Emily said...

ps... i wanna be pregnant too!

Jamie J said...

Emily, I wish I wanted to be pregnant. I want to have more kids but there is no way I'm getting pregnant in the next few months after the emotional pain of losing two pregnancies in 6 months. I just need to heal I guess.

Jamie J said...

Melissa, PBS is showing their Emma on March 23rd. It is starting Kate Beckinsale so I'm not exactly sure if that is a Masterpiece original or if they are just reshowing another Emma. I assumed we were just going to watch the Gweneth Paltrow one. It is such a good movie!

Hazen5 said...

Creating is a major outlet! I can't wait to see your creation. Also, I can't make the book show, I have Young Women that night! Sorry

Cheryl said...

Ooh! I can't wait to see what is that you are doing.

I completely understand those creative urges. What I hate is when I don't have the time to indulge in them. Because I have too many urges, I guess.

The Emma they are showing is not the Gwenyth Paltrow one. It is an old version (A&E) that they showed back in the 90's. And it's dang good, too. I'm excited!

P.S. Jamie, I did tell you that you still get all the movies, right?

Jamie J said...

Cheryl, yes you did. I'm so excited!

Sorry my earlier comment was a little confusing now that I read it again. I meant we are probably watching the Gweneth Paltrow one at my book club but I don't know for sure.

What I wasn't clear on was whether PBS made a new Emma for this Masterpice or if they were showing the old Emma so thanks for the clarification.

shay said...

I'm right there with you on the 'creating' and 'doing' subject. That's why 3 months of strict bedrest was so INSANE for me! I love to see what others do as well so make sure you post it!