10 September 2007

Well it was fun while it lasted

I am a phone dropper. It's just something I do. My last phone was so scratched up when our service contract was over that we only got 10 bucks for it on eBay. I just have butter fingers. I don't know why I thought I would not continue this pattern with an expensive SmartPhone but I thought I'd try. I saved up my money and got the Palm Treo 680 and LOVE it! I love how it has the calendar, contacts and text messaging. I can put everyone's address in it and schedule my day. I used it tons! This morning it all came crashing down though--literally.

I pulled my phone out of my purse and it slipped through my fingers and fell upside down on the leg of the table cracking the screen. I am so bummed, let me tell you. The thing that I'm super bummed about is now it's having trouble HotSyncing up with my computer. So I have tons of appointments and things that I have no back up of. I'm hoping I can get that fixed in the next day or so so I can have my life back! So after getting mad at myself, I called up AT&T to see what I could do. The rep there said I could either try to buy a refurbished phone from their website or take it into the local corporate store for them to help me. I looked on the website and they had no Treo's. So after Rachel woke up from her nap we headed on down to the AT&T store.

Let me tell you first of all that I've been nothing but dissatisfied with the service of AT&T since we switched. So I walked in to the store hoping someone could direct me to what I need to know to fix the phone. The kid I talked to first of all didn't even think they could fix the screen. Then after asking another lady found out you could. So he told me to call the customer service line they have. Then when I told him I was having trouble HotSyncing the phone he said, "Well I guess you'll have to buy a new one." I was shocked! He didn't even offer to help me or even try! I was so miffed at this point I told them it was really lame that their phone customer service had told me to go to the store and they were telling me to call them back and I just stormed out of the store. The thing that really gets me is no one even tried to help me feel satisfied! Where is the customer service these days??

Anyway so when I got home I called the number they gave me and got transferred three times and finally ended up connected to Palm's customer service. (Which I should mention if you go on Palm's website, they always direct you to AT&T for any kind of help or issue). Finally the guy there said I could send in the phone and get it fixed for $200 bucks. I'm trying to decide if that's what I want to do. All the cheap phones on AT&T.com are all around $200 so it wouldn't even be worth downgrading and a new Treo costs more than that. I'm just bummed that I'll be out of a phone for a couple weeks. Currently I'm checking out eBay to see if I can maybe get a phone there for cheaper than $200 and not have to worry about whether it's gonna work or not when I get it back.

UPDATE: Good news! The Sync finally worked!! Now I have everything I need! I have to say I said a little prayer and started pushing buttons on my phone and figured out it was on the phone setting. So I navigated back to the main screen and pressed the button on the Sync cable and it worked!! I am so thrilled!! Now if only I can find a cheaper phone somewhere so I won't have to send this one to who knows where. Wish me luck!

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Melissa said...

How frustrating for you! I am glad that you were able to get it to do what you want. I hope you can find a new phone that you'll love...