16 October 2007

Adventures in Potty Training

We are venturing into uncharted territory here in my house. Today was a full day in underwear for my little almost three year old. Over the last few months we have had mornings here and there where I've given it a try, but for Rachel it never seemed to last past lunch time.

For the last couple weeks I've been prepping her that we are almost out of diapers and when they're gone she has to wear underwear. I was going to start yesterday, but too much was going on. So this morning after our walk, I promptly changed her into undies and let the day begin.

Let me tell you, she did GREAT! She would dribble in her underwear a little then want to change them so I made sure she would sit on the potty and she peed! Then this evening she even went poop! She was so proud of herself!

I'm not holding my breath for a great day again tomorrow, but I'm just so thrilled about how she did today. She didn't give me any resistance really about getting undies on or going on the potty like she has before. It really helped that I went to the bathroom when I asked her to also so the sound of me going kinda got her moving in the right direction I think...TMI? Sorry.

I think the kicker was that I told her that only babies wear diapers and big girls wear underwear. She was all over that. She does not want to be a baby anymore. :)

The biggest thing is she "gets it" and she never has before. She understands that she's supposed to keep her undies dry and that pull-ups are for naps and bedtime. I've been waiting for her to be that aware and I'm glad I didn't push her to be potty trained earlier.

Wish us luck for tomorrow and the days to come!

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Melissa said...

Yeah for a great first day! I'm off to read your other two posts... to see if it kept going so well! :)