17 October 2007

Day 2 of The Potty Training Chronicles

Another really good day! I am so glad I waited this long to really potty train because Rachel is doing great. She was a little dehydrated this morning so she only went potty once before nap time. I tried to push the fluids and that helped later on in the day but once again she stayed dry the whole day!

She had some little problems remembering she had underwear on when it came time to poop though. It's a good thing I can read her "poop face". When I told her she needed to sit on the potty to finish pooping she said, "You can just change my diaper, Mom." I quickly reminded her she wasn't wearing a diaper and whisked her off to the bathroom. Once there she pooped like a "big girl" should.

She is not quite telling me that she needs to go potty but if I get her on the toilet and remind her she will usually go. I'm going to tackle the morning walk tomorrow so we'll see how she does in the great outdoors!


Melissa said...

YEAH! I think that half the battle of potty training is training yourself to take them in for the first little while till they get it down a little better! Good luck with your outdoor excursion!

Cheryl said...


Don't be surprised at a little relapse and a "I want a diaper" here or there. If you can push through that without giving in, then you'll be in the home stretch!
It worked for my girls, now why can't it work for my son?!? Grrr....