23 October 2007

Fire Update Again

Well as I posted yesterday we are home--and home still. The evacuation orders for San Elijo was lifted about 4 pm so we figured we were in no immediate danger. My Dad and his wife, Karen, came and spent the night with us since they will not be able to return to their home until at least tomorrow. We have just been glued to the tv all day watching the progress of these fires--especially the Witch Fire--as they move east. It's moved down Del Dios Highway toward Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe and has burned quite a few homes in that area. I thought that it would stay going south west, but a couple hours ago we heard that some neighborhoods directly east of us in Elfin Forest and Harmony Grove have gotten the reverse 911 calls to prepare to evacuate.

Just on the news they said Harmony Grove is not in immediate danger but the fire has crested to to the top of Mt. Israel--for those who know the area. The good news is that they have brought in the helicopters and some planes to fight the fire today. They haven't been able to fly until today because the winds have been so severe. The air assault is such a huge part of fighting these kinds of fires so it looks like they are at least stopping parts of it from spreading too fast.

That's my update for today. I'll let you all know how things progress.


s'mee said...

Jamie, We will be praying for all of you. Our family is extremely familiar with the fire history in your area. #1 was a Fire Fighter for San Pasquale during the Cedar Fire, and that launched him to the front line that whole season; and then into his current position with Corona. Through him we learn the devastation that took place.

Thanks for the updates, you have our hearts and good thoughts too.

Melissa said...

Jamie - you have been in my thoughts and prayers! I saw on the news last night that they are looking for a change in wind direction and that it would really help the fire fighters! We have been getting evacuee's here in the valley...
keep us posted!