22 October 2007

Fire Update

Over night 5 more fires broke out in San Diego County. One of those is right over the hill from us about 3 miles away. Currently we are in our home but will most likely leave in a couple hours or so. Almost every hour there are more notifications of evacuations as these fires continue to burn west and spread quickly. Please keep everyone in your prayers.


Amanda said...

We'll be praying! So sorry that this is happening. Keep us updated.

chronicler said...

Watching the news and worrying about friends in your area. Prayers have been said for you and yours. Hope all is well.

Shawn said...

This is unbelievable! I read a fire chief said to expect the fires to burn west to the ocean! I can't believe how dangerous this is. We're praying for you and everyone else in the area. Keep us updated if you can, but I know other things are more important.