05 October 2007

I Love My Book Cub

Last month we read Peony in Love for our book club and discussed it last night. This wasn't just your normal book club discussion though. One of our members read the book a month before and when she finished it emailed the author. She told her how much she enjoyed the book and and that she was going to suggest it to our book club to read. The author Lisa See said she would love to join the discussion by phone if she was available.

Well she did!

We had her on speaker phone and it was just amazing to talk to her and have her answer our questions. We took turns telling her some of our favorite parts and then she would tell us why she put that part in the book or some background. The book is fascinating in itself, but to have the author give us additional information was the icing on the cake.

If you have a book club and are looking for a good book to read, I definitely recommend Peony in Love--and then ask the author to join you. Thank you to Lisa See for taking time out of your schedule to join us. Last night was the best book club ever!


Scribbit said...

My daughter just finished the Twilight books and that's been about all she'll talk about. I haven't heard of Peony in Love, thanks for the recommendation.

Terina said...

that is way cool! i will have to check that one out. i noticed you're reading memoirs of a geisha. i couldn't put that book down. the most fascinating part about it was (at least to me) that it is written by a man. amazing book. the movie helped me to visualize it better, but the book was much better.

Cheryl said...

SHUT-UP! That is so cool! I read one of her books ("Snow Flower and the Secret Fan") and it was really good.

btw, Scribbit, I love the Twilight Books, too. They are my not-so-secret indulgance/obsession. :)

Jamie J said...

Scribbit, I've been hearing tons of things about the Twilight books. Maybe I'll check those out when I'm done with Frankenstein.

Terina, I want to see the movie now that I'm done with the book. I would love to see it in action.

Cheryl, If you have a book club Lisa See said she often joins by phone so you should recommend this to be read in your book club. We are going to read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan in a few months. She said that was one of her favorite books that she had written.

Cheryl said...

That is seriously so cool! I'll mention it to my book club this month...which, by the way, we are reading Twilight (even though half of us have already read the entire series) because it's Halloween. :) Anyways, that is really cool!

Cheryl said...

Did I mention how "cool" that was? Man, I must be tired. I honestly don't talk like that! :)