25 October 2007

It's Thursday??

Wow, this week I cannot keep track of time. Today I was talking to the doctor's office and trying to figure out how long Rachel has had a runny nose and counting back the days. I had to ask the guy on the phone whether today was Wednesday or Thursday. On Tuesday I though it was Thursday already because Monday and Tuesday had been such LONG days. My dad and Karen stayed the night with us again last night because RB was still not open where they lived. Luckily I think they will be able to get back home finally today. I'm so glad we weren't displaced for very long so that they had a comfortable place to sleep for a couple nights.

The good news is I am finally getting back into gear with life. The skies are somewhat clearer and the smoke is a little thinner in the air. It's not suffocating to go outside anymore. We still aren't though. There is still a real danger of fire in some parts of San Diego county but not near us. They have let most people back into their homes except for the heavily damaged areas and Ramona. They still don't have any water pressure.

President Bush is here today touring all the damaged areas and visiting shelters trying to raise people's spirits. People in San Diego are awesome survive quite well in times like this but it's nice to know we have the government's support.

Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts though all of this. It's so nice to know that there is so much love and concern. That is one good thing about disaster: it brings out the good and decency in so many people. Again, thank you.


Melissa said...

So crazy... the smoke is thinning there, but it's starting to settle in the valley here. Not too bad though. I hope they are able to clean things up soon so that people can get back to their homes...and I'm glad you are safe!

s'mee said...

Jamie, I am glad that things are settling down for you. I know a few folks down there and just feel for everyone.

Like Melissa, the Santa Anas kept the smoke on the other side of the hill from us, now the wind is back to normal and we are thick with the smoke from the Arrowhead fires, which technically are just over the hill from us.

All is well, all is well. Take care, hugs to all.