20 October 2007

Update--Day 5

I can't remember the last time I posted 5 days in a row on this blog. This must be a personal record or something....I just felt it my duty to update on the potty training situation--I know you all are waiting with baited breath to find out how Rachel did the last couple days. I would like to say she has continued on the same path that she did the first few days but that's not the case today.

Yesterday was good though. We went to Bate's Nut Farm and surprisingly she stayed dry the whole time. As previously stated I was planning on just putting her in a pull-up to put my mind at ease but she told me they were only for "sleeping time." I reluctantly let her wear undies and she went potty before we left. We stopped at my Grandma's on the way home and she went potty in her bathroom. I think Rachel was just excited to pee somewhere else.

Later that evening she didn't make it to the potty for #2. Ah crap. Literally.

This morning she did fine staying dry. Her and I went to Target to pick up some gifts for today. We had a birthday party to go to shortly after we got home so I tried to have her sit on the potty before we left, but she wouldn't. It was a costume party and I had already put her duck costume on and she didn't want to take it off to go. I let it slide, but 15 minutes after we got to the party I saw that look on her face. I thought I could get her to the potty in time, but nope. She peed her pants. Luckily her costume was surprisingly dry (it was made out of highly nonabsorbent fleece) and I had brought a change of undies. Crisis averted.

After the birthday party I took Rachel home and left to go to a baby shower. When I got home Spencer told me she had a full blown accident on the porch while they were blowing bubbles. She hasn't had a full pee accident all week and then 2 in one day? Luckily we were able to catch the poop face and get her on the potty in time for pooping tonight so no clean up necessary for that.

I was hoping she would be ready to go to nursery tomorrow in underwear but not I'm not so sure. I htink she won't be too thrilled about wearing a pull-up to church though because they are just for "sleeping time."

I don't know what we are going to do. Any advice?

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Cheryl said...

Let her wear the panties! You're in the home stretch now! Just take extra clothes and panties; explain to the nursery leaders that she has just recently been potty-trained, and so if she says she's gotta go, just hoof it to the bathroom. Good luck!