22 October 2007

We are home!

What a morning!! At 3:30 some friends up the street called us saying their were mandatory evacuations and that we needed to leave. We immediately turned on the tv to get an update and saw the fire burning on the other side of the hill where we live. We are a couple miles from where our friends were and never got a mandatory evacuation, instead it was voluntary. After watching the news for over 3 hours we decided we were going to voluntarily evacuate ourselves and so we headed to the church building around 7am.

Surprisingly there weren't too many people from our ward there, but over time more and more started trickling in. Later the Stake Center, where other wards went early this morning, had to be evacuated so they came to our building too. The kids watched movies all morning while the adults were glued to the news channel. The Coronado Hills fire which is the one close to us never got too big--thankfully, but it could have been devastating had the San Marcos fire department not been on that with serious power. My thanks go out to them for their hard work at protecting us. The evacuation order was lifted a couple hours ago so after a little while we decided we would go back home too.

Unfortunately others in San Diego have not been so fortunate. If you have been following the Witch Fire--you know how devastating it has been. Hundreds have lost their homes and thousands more have been evacuated for who knows how long.

Well it's been a long day and I am frankly exhausted so I'm going to take a nap. Keep praying for the firefighters and especially those that have lost their homes.


Shawn said...

Glad to hear you guys are all right. I've been a little, shall we say... distracted at work today. The problem with the news is that they don't report much about places that are "okay now." So for all I knew San Elijo Hills had burned to the ground because they mentioned the fire near CSUSM, then NOTHING!

Thanks for keeping us posted. Your blog is more informative to me than all the news sites combined :)

How did the folks do that live in the Terracotta apartments?

Cheryl said...

Oh, Jamie! I just sent you an email because I just found out about the fires. Why am I not paying attention!? I'm glad you guys are safe. I hope the fires get under control quickly.

Jamie J said...

Shawn, Terra Cotta and all of Discovery Hills is fine. They were evacuated too but were able to go home about the same time we left. The Coronado Hills fire seemed to only burn about 300 acres so it didn't get to big.

Denae said...

ok, that is so scary! I wish they could get the whole thing under control. I'm so sorry you guys are going through this.

Island Queen said...

Hey Jamie! So glad you guys are safe! Keep us posted - our prayers are with you.