17 November 2007

Back to normal

Well I'm happy to say that I found my happy place yesterday. Thursday was just a crappy day in all respects. Yesterday my youngest niece went to school so it was just Rachel and I for the morning (except for another sick niece but she's old enough to leave at home). I finally got to really leave the house and do some errands. It was nice to get out and have my happy kid all to myself.

We didn't do much, just went to Target and bought some food and things, but it made such a difference in my mood. I do not do well when I am cooped up in the house all day--especially when it's not my house. While here I have been making more purses, but I ran out of fabric and because of all the sickies I haven't had the chance to go to Joann's--or anywhere for that matter.
Today I am going to attempt to take the kids to the Science Center here so we'll see how that goes. My niece who was sick yesterday just woke up and said she feels mostly better so hopefully she'll continue to improve. She's eating so that's a good sign. This stomach flu has really made it's way through the family. There are two other kids that have yet to have it so I just pray it takes a day or so-or never-before another kid gets it.

I really am blessed though. It's amazing how one down day can really make me remember
and realize all the things that I have.

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Melissa said...

When exactly do you get to resume your normal life? I still think you're a saint....