07 November 2007

Oh the Joy!

I just found out this morning that our downstairs neighbors are moving! Hooray! These are seriously the worst neighbors I have ever had.

It all started last October. We have this girl who screams so loud about once a week--usually between the hours of 9 and 10pm. She slams doors and yells at her mom and brothers like no one I have ever seen. We've complained a number of times and because this girl is 13 years old they were trying to help her with her behavior. I get that. She was actually really good for a while, then once school started so did the screaming. We affectionately call her the Banshee.

Around the beginning of the year we started smelling sweet smoke coming from the windows downstairs too. The boys were smoking weed. On my birthday in September we had some friends over and when we opened the door a number of them asked us, "Is someone smoking pot out there?" That's when you know it's obvious.

So between the regular smoking, the weed and the screaming I am jumping for joy that these people are no longer going to live below me. Today is a great day!


Melissa said...

Wahoo!!! I've never had neighbors quite like that... my sister had a drug dealer living in the apartment below them at one time... :) You'll have to have a big dance and stomp all around tonight!

Cheryl said...

Apparently, our neighbors back in Provo feel the same as you about our renters. They haven't done anything we can prove to kick them out...so our neighbors are trying to take care of it. It's awful, though. Why can't people just take care of their things and have respect for their neighbors?! It's so annoying...

s'mee said...

Aaah, sounds like our neighborHOOD! lol You know it's bad when the cop your daughter babysits for drives her home and remarks on three out of five neighbors...

"I see Steve's out, wonder how long he can keep probation. Are Ken and Barbie still beating each other on a regular basis? How they kept from blowing up that meth lab is beyond me!"
yeah, greeeeaaaat neighborhood.

Glad to see yours is getting better!