31 December 2007

It's been a little while....

So I realized it's been a while since my last post. It's been crazy since we got back from Hawaii with Christmas. Then on Wednesday night I got the stomach flu and was flat on my back all day Thursday. Friday I spent recuperating...and poof more than a week is gone. Not only that but tomorrow is 2008! Wow!

Speaking of 2008 I don't really do resolutions so don't expect any great changes coming here. I do have a few goals that I've been throwing around in my head lately. So I'm going to work on those. They aren't really important to share, so I won't.

In other news, remember I was sick? Well it was horrible. I had a fever all day and had barely enough strength to sit up-sort of-for a couple minutes. Luckily I have great friends. One was willing to take Rachel all morning for me for which I was super grateful. Another kindly brought over popsicles since I couldn't eat anything. I didn't eat them that night because I was still on clear liquids but we did bust them out for dessert last night. It's been a while since Rachel had had one and she kept saying it so funny. I wish I had it on tape but I don't so you're just going to have to see it written phonetically. At first she said, "Can I have a pockspickle?" Spencer and I were trying our hardest not to laugh--to hard. We helped her with her pronunciation but I'm not sure it was getting any better. It turned into "popsciple"and "pocksciple" until finally we got her to say "popsckiple" and called it a night! :)

We don't have very many pictures from Christmas because I was using the video camera (and I can't find the stinking cable to upload but don't get me started on that) but here is one of Rachel showing off her Spongebob shirt that Daddy got her.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!


Melissa said...

Glad you're feeling better... I am a little better too... now, if my darn neighbors would just turn the music down and go to bed... They are making my Happy New Year not so happy :S

Cheryl said...

Oh, my gosh --I'm so glad you are better. That is now way to spend the holidays. At least you got it AFTER all the big events!!

Glad you're back! :)

Matt, Kris & Allie said...

I noticed the book you're reading...I just finished it. When's the book club???