04 December 2007

Two Has Got Nothing On Three

Oh. My. Gosh.

Rachel has turned into a nightmare. All my life I've heard about the "Terrible Two's" and how hard they are to deal with. Let me say I was pretty nervous about going through them with Rachel. We've had our ups and downs over the last year and a half, but they have nothing on what we've been going through the last few weeks.

The "Terrible Two's" is the greatest lie ever told in my opinion. Why doesn't anyone ever talk about the "Terrible Three's"? Wait let's call them the "Terrifying Three's." The closer Rachel got to three, the truth started coming out. Dr's and friends started confiding that their children were holy terrors when they were three and it was way worse than two.

We have been living that in our house the last few weeks. Major--and I mean throwing-herself-on-the-floor-freakishly-sobbing major--tantrums over the tiniest things. Here's a rundown of one that happened today:

1. We were in the bathroom at the Dr's office. She went potty so I told her she needed to wash her hands. She didn't want to. So I helped her get some soap on. When I lifted her up to rinse--because she couldn't reach--she started yelling that she didn't want to see herself in the mirror. Okay...so the next time I only lifted her a little so she could reach the sink. She did not want to rinse that soap off. So instead of getting it everywhere and trying to reason with her, I just quickly rinsed her hands. Then I told her it was time to go and she had a tantrum right there saying she wanted to wash her hands. After I washed her hands because she didn't want to...

There are many more from just today that I could describe, but you get the idea. We have never dealt with the throwing herself on the floor tantrums before so this is all new to me. I was at my wits end yesterday but today they are getting hilarious to watch. Tantrums over water on her toothbrush, what song we are going to sing to go to bed, the list goes on and on.

Someone please help me....


Melissa said...

Yeah... all my kids were so awesome through their 2's. With my first child I was delighted! I thought we had made it scott free through the 2's and there would be no trouble. 3 was a nightmare. He would start screaming a high pitched blood curdling scream and he'd just keep doing it. He screamed like that for AN HOUR one day. No reason. Just wanted to scream. No crying. Just screaming. The only thing I can tell you is to be consistent. Don't give in to the tantrums because then they get worse... I know it's hard to imagine, but, learn from my mistakes :S

Cheryl said...

They are called the "Unreasonable 3's". You can't reason with them.

My only hope for you is to know the triggers, don't give in, and it will pass and when she turns 3 1/2 (if you're lucky) or 4 (more likely), you'll suddenly have your angel back.

You can get through it!!

kris... said...

They should clarify that those terrible "two's" means it lasts for two years. I remember my sister in law couldn't wait until the day her child turned three so she would get over the terrible two's. I told her she had SO much to learn. LOL

Terina said...

i put my kids on a time out seat and tell them to let me know when they have calmed themselves down. if i allow myself to get too emotional, it is just bad. check out a few parenting books, find what works for the both of you. someone mentioned triggers. sometimes we don't know all of the triggers. new ones show up all the time!! good luck!!

s'mee said...

In addition to what has already be offered: Be the Mom!

Or as my husband says, "You cannot argue with the insane." Never argue with your kids. hehe. Give them two choices only. This or that.

When she freaks, try replying what you think she is upset about. (you don't want to see yourself? That's o.k.)That way she'll feel like you are listening to her. Eventually you can get her to calm down and she can choose one of the choices you give her. (wash your hands or die, what's it gonna be? j/k)

Next time she needs to wash her hands but doesn't want to see herself, try the bathtub instead of the sink.

Jen said...

I have heard the same thing, that twos are a breeze, but when they are three they talk back. I'm not looking forward to that!