31 January 2008

And now she has an ear infection....

Kaiser is really getting to know us lately. I can't wait until she's over this sickness. Good news is the doctor we saw today said Rachel doesn't have to take the eye drops anymore. Yay!

30 January 2008

I can't even bribe her...

Yesterday Rachel woke up with a nasty cough. She was supposed to start pre-school but I decided we should probably keep our germs to ourselves. That would have been a nice first day--"Hello, this is Rachel, take these germs home and spread them amongst yourselves!" She seemed fine in the morning just the cough. Then she woke up from her nap with a pretty high fever and really gooey eyes. So I called the doctor and the got her in at 7:15 last night.

She has a bit of pink eye, but luckily nothing else. So we left with a prescription for some eye drops and instructions to put drops in four times a day. Last night I got her to sit still long enough to put one drop in and that was enough for her. Sobbing ensued. "I don't want drops in my eyes!" That's pretty much what I've heard for the last day. So far we've successfully put two doses in today but they are always accompanied by much crying so I'm not even sure the medicine is getting in.

I can't even bribe the poor little girl to let me do it. She still has a fever and bad cough so she's extra emotional too. She doesn't want anything that she normally would give in for. I feel for the girl, I really do but she's got to give in sometime! Any one have any ideas on how to get a big three year old to like--or at least endure--eye drops?

28 January 2008

Buick Invitational

My Dad had four tickets to got to the PGA Buick Invitational so we decided to go on Saturday. It was Spencer, my Dad, Ian (Spencer's brother), myself and Rachel. We got there a little after 1pm and so most of the golfers had already finished. We decided to go backwards on the course to try to catch a glimpse of Tiger Woods playing.

At the 16th hole we caught up with him and watched him putt and then drive the 17th hole. There were so many people there and me being so short it was hard to really see, but we did.

As the players were walking up to putt I started snapping pictures of who I thought was Tiger--I told you I couldn't really see anything! :) Turns out it wasn't him. (I'm not sure who it was though...)

Then I shot some pictures of Tiger.

On the 17th hole I took some of him getting ready to drive. After his group was finished driving I tried to take another picture of Tiger as he was walking to his ball, but the cops "handed" me and yelled, "No cameras!" Whoops! I had no idea!

Rachel was totally wasted and fell asleep on her stroller on the walk back. I wish I had taken a picture of her sleeping. She ended up sleeping until 6:30 that night. I guess we tired her out!

27 January 2008

Our Beloved Prophet

I know that these posts are all over the blogosphere tonight, but I had to add mine. I was so sad to hear of President Hinkley's passing but also so happy that he is finally reunited with his wife. He has been our Prophet for so long and will always have a special place in my heart. I feel like he is "my" Prophet because he was the Prophet for so long. I have grown to love him as I have learned the Gospel from him and learned from his example of love.

There was a time when I was listening to General Conference and he commented that he loved the members of this church. At the time I was so touched and could actually feel the sincerity and love radiating from him. At that moment I realized how possible it was to be loved in that way. Also it made me further realize that the Savior does love us individually as well.

He has taught us so much during his service and he will be greatly missed. I leave you with the words to "We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet" which defines our beloved President Hinkley perfectly.

We thank thee, O God, for a prophet
To guide us in these latter days.
We thank thee for sending the gospel
To lighten our minds with its rays.

We thank thee for every blessing
Bestowed by thy bounteous hand
We feel it a pleasure to serve thee
And love to obey thy command.

New Me!

I've been feeling like I need a change lately. I got my hair cut a few days ago--except I'm not too thrilled with it :)--and I'm getting it colored next week so I decided I needed a new template too.

What do you think?

24 January 2008

What kind of car would you buy?

Okay people, I'm looking for advice here. Spencer will be graduating from college in a few months-Yay!-and currently we only have one car. He drives a scooter to and from work and school but we figured it would be better if we were to have two cars once he started working full time. We probably won't buy until much later this year but we thought we could start shopping now. So, I was wondering, if you could buy a new car what kind would you get? Oh and keep in mind that when I say new that only means new to us, not necessarily new.

Here's our situation: we will have two kids by then so it doesn't have to be big but I also don't want to have to buy a new car in a couple years to fit our growing family. We aren't really sure on our budget but of course we won't be able to afford anything too expensive. And I like space. I don't want a tiny car that we could fit our family in but nothing else, ya know?

So, what would you buy?

18 January 2008

My bamboo

Spencer and Rachel went to Costco to pick up a few things so I'm home alone right now. In my random wanderings around my apartment today I noticed the bamboo plant that sits quietly on my counter top. I often notice it, but today I wanted to share it's beauty with you, my readers. I'm sure you are so happy I am! :)

I got this plant in 2002. I used to work at Proflowers as a Customer Service Rep back when it was a fledgling company. Near my desk was the office that they used to take pictures of the flowers to put on their website. Every so often the photographer would offer the plants to an employee when they were done since they couldn't sell them. I had asked many times but always turned down. Then I happened to be in the right place at the right time and I asked for this bamboo plant. The photographer pretty much threw it in my hands and said "Good luck with it. It probably won't even grow. I had to cut the roots and a couple inches off the bottom to make it look better in the picture."

So I set it on my desk and watered it when it looked dry. Surprisingly it started to thrive. I left Proflowers shortly thereafter and moved to a different company. I took the bamboo with me. It sat on my desk for a few months where it looked like it was outgrowing its small red vase. I decided to get the one it sits in now. Let me tell you it thrived after that! It grew so fast.

In 2006 when we moved here I decided the bamboo was a little to big and decided to cut it. I was really worried about it. I didn't know if it would continue to grow or if that was going to be the end of my plant. As you can see from the brighter green on the top, it didn't stunt it's growth one bit! It currently is over 3 feet tall!

As I get to the end of this post I feel like I should have something insightful to say about how this can apply to our life, but I don't. :) Feel free to draw your own conclusions. I just really like this bamboo plant and marvel that it has been alive for 6 years and still thriving. It makes me wonder how many more years it has.


After thinking about it for a while we have decided to disconnect our home phone. I got fired from my very very part time job at the end of December. My boss was paying for our home phone to have unlimited long distance and international calls as well. Once the job ended we drastically reduced our features down to the bare basics. When I was on the phone with the AT&T rep I asked him what would happen if we just disconnected our phone all together--we have AT&T DSL service. He said the DSL would go up a couple bucks. I thought about it at the time and decided to just keep the basic service and pay what we are paying on DSL.

Then a few days ago it occurred to me that we're spending money to keep a phone we hardly use just to save a couple bucks on our DSL bill. I had a huge "DUH!" moment! So we are cutting the home phone completely. We have our cell phones that we hardly use and people rarely call us on our house phone anyway. So we are finally gonna use what we pay for with our cell phones without spending more money on another phone that we don't really need.

15 January 2008

American Idol

Am I the only one excited about tonight??

This is, after all, the reason we got our cable hooked up last year in the first place. I'm looking forward to the San Diego auditions show to see if there is anyone that I know. Any other American Idol fans out there??

13 January 2008

The Zoo

Last week we went to the San Diego Zoo with some friends. Here are some pictures!

Rachel petting the goats

This is just a sweet picture I got of her while we were there
Rachel, Bella and Aaron being sunflowers!

I didn't get too many pictures because most of the time Rachel would rather run around on the benches or climb on the walls then look at the animals. Oh well, I guess that's what being 3 is all about!

04 January 2008

A Thousand Splendid Suns

Wow, what a read. It was difficult in some places but overall I thought it was so beautifully written. I love the recurring theme of mothers and motherhood. I think my favorite passage from the book sums it all up. I read this last night at book club and by the end we were all on the verge of tears.
Seasons had come and gone; presidents in Kabul had been inaugurated and murdered; an empire had been defeated: old wards had ended and new ones had broken out. But Mariam had hardly noticed, hardly cared. She had passed these years in a distant corner of her mind. A dry, barren field, out beyond wish and lament, beyond dream and disillusionment. There, the future did not matter. And the past held only this wisdom: that love was a damaging mistake, and it's accomplice, home, a treacherous illusion. And whenever those twin poisonous flowers began to sprout in the parched land of the that field, Mariam uprooted them. She uprooted them and ditched them before they took hold.

But somehow, over these last months, Laila and Aziza--a harami like herself, as it turned out--had become extensions of her, and now, without them, the life Mariam had tolerated for so long suddenly seemed intolerable.
I definitely recommend this book.

Happy Dyson Day to me!!

I got one! I finally convinced T-Bone that we need this vacuum and with the help of my sister's ingenuity, I got my Dyson! Gotta go. I have to go set it up and try it out! YAY!