30 January 2008

I can't even bribe her...

Yesterday Rachel woke up with a nasty cough. She was supposed to start pre-school but I decided we should probably keep our germs to ourselves. That would have been a nice first day--"Hello, this is Rachel, take these germs home and spread them amongst yourselves!" She seemed fine in the morning just the cough. Then she woke up from her nap with a pretty high fever and really gooey eyes. So I called the doctor and the got her in at 7:15 last night.

She has a bit of pink eye, but luckily nothing else. So we left with a prescription for some eye drops and instructions to put drops in four times a day. Last night I got her to sit still long enough to put one drop in and that was enough for her. Sobbing ensued. "I don't want drops in my eyes!" That's pretty much what I've heard for the last day. So far we've successfully put two doses in today but they are always accompanied by much crying so I'm not even sure the medicine is getting in.

I can't even bribe the poor little girl to let me do it. She still has a fever and bad cough so she's extra emotional too. She doesn't want anything that she normally would give in for. I feel for the girl, I really do but she's got to give in sometime! Any one have any ideas on how to get a big three year old to like--or at least endure--eye drops?


Lianna said...

I just got over the same thing. but I had strep and then a cold on top of that and finally pink eye. I did some research instead of going back to the clinic, and webmd said despite being contagious, pink eye will go away by itself. Right? so I say forget about the eye drops. sound good?
Good luck

Melissa said...

Honestly, we always had to hold the kids down... I know it's mean, but I felt it needed to be done. I know it can clear up by itself, but I don't know how long that takes... it seems like we had a cream with one of our kids instead of the drops. Maybe you could ask your doctor for suggestions?? Good luck...

S'mee said...

cartoon sledgehammer?

(cue mission impossible theme)
When the kids were little I would just keep a nice soft *warm* damp cloth over their eyes first thing in the morning and when they woke up from naps, or whenever the goo began to get ugly again.

This is the missionary version, you know, building a relationship of trust (only to smash it to heck and back very soon). The soothing warm cloth will be comforting and your kid will look forward to laying in your lap with something nice and warm on her eyes and you holding her. The warmth will clean the goo off and you can 'touch' her eyes to clean them.

After three or four times of doing this she will not mind when you take the cloth off and you can get a quick drop drop in her eyes (with the help of a swat team) as you are cleaning them also.

good luck and God Speed!

Cheryl said...

No idea. I just told my kids they needed the eye medicine if they wanted to get better. Miraculously, they let me put it in. Go figure. And yeah, it worked on my 3 year old. So, I say go with...force?

Jamie J said...

Lianna, Spencer said the same thing. He never got eye drops as a kid. We did though. It will probably go away but I'm more inclined to give the medicine to her.

Melissa, I wish I had the cream..I did hold her down last night.

s'mee I like your soft wash cloth idea. I may try that today.

Cheryl, Lucky you! I've tried telling her that then she says, "I don't want my eyes to get better!" LOL

S'mee said...

sure. go ahead with the soft cloth over the sledgehammer. whatever works. : )