18 January 2008

My bamboo

Spencer and Rachel went to Costco to pick up a few things so I'm home alone right now. In my random wanderings around my apartment today I noticed the bamboo plant that sits quietly on my counter top. I often notice it, but today I wanted to share it's beauty with you, my readers. I'm sure you are so happy I am! :)

I got this plant in 2002. I used to work at Proflowers as a Customer Service Rep back when it was a fledgling company. Near my desk was the office that they used to take pictures of the flowers to put on their website. Every so often the photographer would offer the plants to an employee when they were done since they couldn't sell them. I had asked many times but always turned down. Then I happened to be in the right place at the right time and I asked for this bamboo plant. The photographer pretty much threw it in my hands and said "Good luck with it. It probably won't even grow. I had to cut the roots and a couple inches off the bottom to make it look better in the picture."

So I set it on my desk and watered it when it looked dry. Surprisingly it started to thrive. I left Proflowers shortly thereafter and moved to a different company. I took the bamboo with me. It sat on my desk for a few months where it looked like it was outgrowing its small red vase. I decided to get the one it sits in now. Let me tell you it thrived after that! It grew so fast.

In 2006 when we moved here I decided the bamboo was a little to big and decided to cut it. I was really worried about it. I didn't know if it would continue to grow or if that was going to be the end of my plant. As you can see from the brighter green on the top, it didn't stunt it's growth one bit! It currently is over 3 feet tall!

As I get to the end of this post I feel like I should have something insightful to say about how this can apply to our life, but I don't. :) Feel free to draw your own conclusions. I just really like this bamboo plant and marvel that it has been alive for 6 years and still thriving. It makes me wonder how many more years it has.


Melissa said...

I love bamboo! It always looks so cool... let's see... a life lesson... sometimes we may give up on people - think they can't change or grow - like the photographer with the bamboo... but... um... if you nurture and love those people, they will grow right before your very eyes. How was that? :)

Jamie J said...

I love it! Great job, Melissa! :)

Matt, Kris & Allie said...

We had two bamboo plants...I killed them both. I have the worst black thumb.