24 January 2008

What kind of car would you buy?

Okay people, I'm looking for advice here. Spencer will be graduating from college in a few months-Yay!-and currently we only have one car. He drives a scooter to and from work and school but we figured it would be better if we were to have two cars once he started working full time. We probably won't buy until much later this year but we thought we could start shopping now. So, I was wondering, if you could buy a new car what kind would you get? Oh and keep in mind that when I say new that only means new to us, not necessarily new.

Here's our situation: we will have two kids by then so it doesn't have to be big but I also don't want to have to buy a new car in a couple years to fit our growing family. We aren't really sure on our budget but of course we won't be able to afford anything too expensive. And I like space. I don't want a tiny car that we could fit our family in but nothing else, ya know?

So, what would you buy?


Emily said...

okay, I have sooo much advice for you since I've been there! also, I'm assuming the minivan is out soo..... Usually people end up SETTLING for a minivan or they already KNOW they want one...

so, I would suggest something with an optional 3rd row seat (in case of twins or another addition), like the Acura MDX the Dodge Durango the Toyota 4runner/highlander or the Ford Explorer... If you want to go bigger you could.... but it's more gas mileage, but the extra space is REALLY nice!! I love being able to go to Costco and pick up anything and not worry, "how am I going to fit this in the car?" Also love going on road trips and still being able to see out the back window and having space to bring the double jogger everywhere we go. We have a Suburban (LOVE the space, HATE the maintenance) American made cars tend to need more minor fixing and repairs I've noticed, So ultimately if I were in your shoes.... I would more highly recommend any Honda/Acura or Toyota smaller SUV. Then if you ever have that 5th kid you can upgrade to the monster SUV then... ;)

If you buy something smaller, you wont be able to fit all your stuff in the car for road trips. Especially all the baby stuff! Then again if you go bigger, you'll become a soccer mom faster... IE "Sister Price, could you help drive the girls up to girls camp this summer..... Sister Price could you help with our Primary carpool?" etc etc

Good luck!!!

The Stokes... said...

Ditto on What Emily Said! - She is totally on top of this subject - We have been in this place as well and ended up buying a Tahoe and LOVE it - Still kind of a gas guzzler - We previously owned an Explorer and LOVED that as well we just wanted the 3rd row option - And now that our Tahoe has about a bajillion miles on it - We are looking at going back to the Explorer - or the HONDA PILOT (this is probably the best Choice I would Recommend - But Jeb Doesn't want one ) Our third option is a Jeep Cherroke That's what Jeb wants
I dunno hope this Helps - Good luck! Congrats to Spencer - and good for himm for driving a scooter - that is very Green of him! HA

Jen said...

Ironic you should say that, because at this very second I'm checking blogs, and checking classifieds for cars. I'm looking possibly for a Dodge Durango because I'm thinking of the future. Like you, I don't want to be buying a car every couple of years. They seem to be resonably priced and have good reviews, however I'm just starting the process of looking too. I'll also be checking in on the advice others get you.

jdprice said...

Don't buy into the SUV thing! They are overly large and terribly consumptive. Cars that big should never have been marketed to the public. Besides, they are going out of style pretty soon. The future is in the station wagon. It combines the benefits of people hauling, speed/manueverablilty, gas savings and looks. The Europeans are all over this right now so you should check some of them out. Whatever you do, don't give in to the SUV craze. We survived without them and survival is only possible if we get rid of them.


Brooke said...

We just had the same agonizing situation. We waited quite a while before deciding for sure. I waited for over 8 months I think. Finally it became an absolute necessity and we bought a Chrystler Pacifica (LOVE IT!) for $9,000. It's a 2005. I love everything about it....honestly! Want more info call me!