13 January 2008

The Zoo

Last week we went to the San Diego Zoo with some friends. Here are some pictures!

Rachel petting the goats

This is just a sweet picture I got of her while we were there
Rachel, Bella and Aaron being sunflowers!

I didn't get too many pictures because most of the time Rachel would rather run around on the benches or climb on the walls then look at the animals. Oh well, I guess that's what being 3 is all about!


Melissa said...

We were at the San Diego zoo a few weeks ago! I love it there - glad you had a good time :)

S'mee said...

The year I went to kindergarten we lived in a corner house just across from Morley Field. I loved that house. But more than the house the neighborhood was fantastic. The summer before kindergarten all 10 (yup ten kids) would walk through Morley park, down through the gully and up across to the highway. WE would run across the highway and spend the day - every single day- at the zoo. It was our domain!

I can't look at zoo photos without thinking of that summer and the fun we had cruzin' the zoo and all the museums... all of them free an unlimited to anyone under 16 years old. good times!