18 February 2008

New Addition

I've been wanting to get a fish for a few months but just never made the committment. Well on Saturday we decided that we should get one so we headed to the pet store. Rachel was set on getting a "Nemo" and it's pretty cruel to parents how they strategically place the salt water fishes right in the front. We had to even more strategically guide Rachel over to the goldfish and Betas. After consulting with the pet store guy we decided a Beta would be the best bet for our family. Rachel picked out her favorite fish "that wasn't too skinny" (the one I picked out was too skinny she said). She named him Red Fish. So I give you the newest member of our family, Red Fish:


Melissa said...

As in "One fish, two fish, Red Fish, blue fish"? :) We have a beta - his name is Jack Jack - as in the baby from the Incredibles :)

Jamie J said...

Yeah, I guess you could say that but Rachel just named him that because he's red. :)

Marcie said...

I am interested to see how our fish do since we both got them at the same time. I know that sounds bad, but they really don't last very long (at least mine haven't!)