25 March 2008

American Idol

Okay so for the last few weeks I've just been commenting on Cheryl's blog every Wednesday morning when she does her American Idol summary. Tonight I just decided to post on my on blog from now on! Aren't you thrilled?? Feel free to agree or disagree. Okay, so here we go:

Rameile: I thought it was kind of weird and a little pitchy. Definitely not as good as Carrie Underwood on Season 4. She takes the cake on that song.

Jason: I didn't know the song, but I really liked the folkiness of it.

Syesha: Tonight was the first time I really liked her. I thought she finally showed some personality and sang it really well.

Chikesi: Was kinda boring tonight, but he sang the song well. He's getting lower and lower on my list each week. I agree with Simon that the song was way too old for him.

Brooke: I really liked her this week with the piano again. She is consistent each week and this was another classic strong performance.

Michael: is back and I loved it! Spencer commented that he has a good voice for Queen. There's only a few people that can pull of Freddie Mercury. He was quite the powerhouse tonight!

Carly: I love that song and thought she did a decent job. She was a little screamy and intense though so that was the downside.

David A.: I thought tonight was kind of weird and poppy...I didn't know the song but still I thought sang it clear and stong and you could tell he was enjoying himself and confident. Simon's comment about the theme park was hilarious and I could really see why he said that when they did the playback at the end of the show.

Kristy Lee: For the first time I really enjoyed Kristy. Personally she really blew me away tonight. I thought that she sang it with so much feeling and confidence. That song has such power and feeling and she harnessed it.

David C.--Another awesome performance. David is by far my favorite contestant this year. I was really glad he chose to sing a softer song and it really paid off. I seriously loved that arrangement! I totally buy into his "image" and love his voice!

This week was way better than last week!


nenana said...

yes, last week was lame especially since the week before ROCKED. i love brooke and david cook. i actually called in and voted this week.

Melissa said...

Do you ever vote? They always talk about the millions of votes they get each week... but I don't know many people who actually call in... I'm not sure what was up with David A. this week... you're right - his voice was good, but the song was... weird... not sure what was up with that. He keeps picking songs with rather political messages... don't you think? I agreed with the judges on Brooke - she should have stayed at the piano... and David Cook? If he doesn't win this thing he will still have an amazing career! He is awesome!

Susan M said...

This is the song Jason Castro was singing:


He changed it enough that it was a little hard to recognize. I like that guy a lot.

David Castro was doing Chris Cornell's version of Billy Jean.

Susan M said...

Ha. David Cook I mean.

Cheryl said...

I didn't know that David was doing somebody else's arrangement? Doh! Now I feel silly for what I wrote on my blog. Kind of...

I agree with a lot of your points, but since I do blog about it (heehee), I won't go into the details. :)

Susan M said...

Chris Cornell's version of Billy Jean.

Jamie J said...

Melissa, yes we do vote. I send my votes in by text message since we have AT&T. But before this year I would always call in. It's WAY easier to text though!

Susan, I wondered if someone else had done Billie Jean before. He still did a great job though! I like David better actually. I'm not a super big Sting fan so I still don't know that song that Jason sang. Thanks for the links!

Cheryl, I didn't want to write a huge comment on your blog anymore so I decided to just do it here. I'm headed over to yours right now!

bythelbs said...

I love Chris Cornell, and David C.'s version was just as good for me. Love him. I also really liked Michael Johns and Brooke. It's true Brooke's would have been better had she left the band out. I really like Jason Castro--but his voice got kind of lost in the music. Sometimes I think the band plays too loud--it really overpowers the singing at times.

susan m.--thanks for always having the great links. Your vast music knowledge is very impressive and handy!

Hazen5 said...

I love both Davids!! Thanks for the update, I still haven't watched it on tivo.

Maile Fano said...

David C is definitely my favorite this year and I hope he wins it!