11 March 2008

Explaining Easter to a 3 year old

So last night after Family Home Evening we were just hanging around singing Primary songs. Rachel loves to sing. I decided it might be a good idea to give her a heads up about Easter and what it's about. Here's our conversation:

Me: Rachel tell me what you know about Jesus.
Rachel (thinking): Hmmm, he gave me a train set.
Me: Well Santa gave you that train set on Christmas. You know Jesus loved us very much. He loved us so much he died for us. And then...
Rachel: And then he turned into a handsome prince?
Spencer: Well he's the Prince of this world.
Me (laughing): No Rachel, he didn't turn into a handsome prince.
Rachel: The Beast died and turned into a handsome prince.
Me: Jesus died and then he was resurrected. Can you say resurrected?
Rachel: (something that resembled resurrected)
Me: Resurrected means he came back to life.
Rachel: We need to get some Life (cereal) at the store, Mom!

Sigh. I guess Easter is a little beyond this three year old's comprehension...


Cheryl said...

Too funny! Just keep trying; she'll get it eventually. :)

Susan M said...

Haha! A handsome prince. Priceless.

Melissa said...

When my son was 3 we showed him the picture of Jesus and Mary in front of the tomb... we talked about how Jesus had been gone and there was an angel there. Then we quizzed him... what was in the tomb after Jesus was resurrected? Answer: a racoon.
Keep working on it :) She'll get it!

bythelbs said...

I love having these kinds of conversations with my kids. They all get it eventually. It's quite rewarding the day you realize they actually listen. Sometimes.

Jamie J said...

Melissa, "a racoon" had me cracking up!! That is hilarious!

Jen said...

That is so funny. I know exactly what you mean. I just tell Meg that Easter is a time to think of Jesus. It really is complex if you think of it. Meg doesn't even understand or know what death is let alone the resurrection. lol

Michele said...

That is great. The 3 year old mind can do amazing things :). BTW your post made me think of the song "We are the reason" by David Meece (I think about it esp at Easter and Xmas) I found it on Youtube. There are actually several versions but I just copied the link to this 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ei8QF40luzc
It made me cry and Akaash was mesmerized.

Jessica said...

Rachel is so cute! Your conversation was so funny. I love the life cereal part. I love to here them try and get things -- hilarious!

S'mee said...

I remember those times! We eventually got it down to:
me: Do you know what a mistake is?
them: When (another kid) does something wrong.
me: yup. We all make mistake s right?
them: yep, but (other child) makes the most.
me: do you love Heavenly Father?
them: yes.
me: When Jesus was here on earth he did something only He could do. Because He did that one special thing we all get to live with Heavenly Father again.
them: What did He do?
me: He loved everyone. Because He loved us SOOO much He fixed all our mistakes.
them: How'd He do that?
me: He was a very good boy. Then He was a very good man. Because of that, we get to live again with Heavenly Father. That's why we have Easter. To remember that He was a very good man. To remember He loved us soooo much we can all go to live with Heavenly Father some day. Do you know why we have Easter?
them: Cuz Jesus was a good boy.
me: yup.

Marcie said...

So cute and funny!