12 March 2008

Sunbeams truly are a ray of sunshine

On Sunday one of my Sunbeams gave me a card. I asked her if I could open it in class, but I had strict instructions to open it when I got home. Here is a picture of the note:

and here is what it said since it's a little hard to read:
Dear Sister J.,
I love you...whole bunches! Thanks for being nice and sweet. I love sunbeams. My favorite food is tacos, and oranges.

I totally cracked up on the favorite food part. You can tell her mom wrote it for her, but it was Avery's words all the way.

I have 5 kids in my class and two are twins--a boy and a girl. Their mom came up to me last night at a church activity and told me how much her kids love class. It seriously made my day! I am loving teaching these kids and it's so good to hear that they love me back! She said all week they can't wait to go to class. They want to tell me all kinds of jokes and stories and show me things. They even want Rachel and I to come over to play.

I can't tell you how much joy these little 3-4 year olds bring in to my life every week. They truly are a ray of sunshine.


Melissa said...

What a sweet note! I need to encourage my kids to do nice things like that for their teachers :)

Hazen5 said...

Notes from kids are the best!!!! They are so honest and pure. You are a great teacher.

Jen said...

That is so sweet.

Cheryl said...

Isn't it great when all we need from children is sincere appreciation? Actually, I think that's all we need from anybody, really...