29 April 2008

It's a May Day Give-a-Way!

So in the spirit of May Day, I decided to have a giveaway. I don't know if you are supposed to give gifts on May Day-does anyone really know what it's all about?-but May Day rhymes with giveaway and I feel the need to give something to my loyal readers so it sounds good to me!

Here's what I'm giving: Any hand knitted item from below or if none of these fit your fancy I can make something custom for you. We can talk.

The second one is going to be a scarf. Here's a picture of the finished pattern.

So here's what you do: just leave me a comment telling me why I'm so awesome by midnight on May 1st and then I'll choose a winner.

Happy May Day giveaway!

Neil Diamond American Idol

Okay so I love Neil Diamond. When I was in High School my parents bought the 2 Disc Greatest Hits 1966-1992 Album. I remember one experience where I went on a visit somewhere with my dad. I couldn't go in the home so I just sat in my 1987 Toyota truck with a CD player and cranked this CD. Let me just clarify: The truck wasn't new. This was probably 1994 or so. Obsessive teen that I was--ok not much has changed--I listened to this CD for months on end. Thus began my love affair with Neil Diamond.

Neil was so nice with the contestants. I loved that. Can I just say "wow" to those eyebrows though!

Okay so Paula was obviously on something tonight too thinking that Jason had sang two songs after the first one. She looked really confused. That was hilarious.

Jason: Forever in Blue Jeans--Loved it! I thought that song was so perfect for him. I thought he was confident and his voice came off as strong as it could. I loved the violins too. I agree with Simon that it was forgettable, but he did a great job anyway.
September Morn--Eh, I'm not sure it was as good as the first one. It was just okay kind of boring actually.

David Cook: I'm Alive--So I love David, right? This song was good and he sang it well but it was just a'ight for me. It sounded just like any other song and didn't really have too much individuality. I didn't feel like her was really enjoying himself up there singing this one.
All I really Need Is You--This is the David that we all love. Much better than the first one! I love that he sings the songs as we could hear them on the radio now and love.

Brooke: I'm a Believer--What a fun song for Brooke to sing. I was happy to see her smile. We haven't seen that in a while. She tends to sing such serious songs. She still did look pretty nervous up there though. I really like the little changes in arrangement that she threw in. I liked it! I think that might be what keeps her in for next week.
I Am, I Said--Again this is the Brooke that we love! Her voice was beautiful and yay, she didn't forget the words! I love her behind the piano and she feels so at ease sitting there.

David A.: Sweet Caroline--Hmmm, I sort of felt like I was at Disneyland. Kinda pop-y and I didn't really dig it.
America--Is this American Idol or Star Search? I don't know, I didn't really like it again. He can sing really well, but I thought it way to country fair-ish. Eh, but I'm not really a fan so this is just my opinion.

Syesha: Hello Again--Syesha's growing on me! She sang this song so flawlessly and beautifully. I really enjoyed it!
Thank the Lord for the Nighttime--It was fun and enjoyable and she did well but it was okay. I think she is talented but doesn't really stand out.

26 April 2008

Sprinter Adventures

This morning we decided to finally ride the new train they built by us. It's called the Sprinter but as a local talk show host calls it the Sphincter. It cost way more than it's worth and took years to build. I hope that people ride it and make it worth it.

We decided to take it to the coast to spend a couple hours at the beach. We got to the platform in time and waited and waited and waited. It was supposed to come at 9:41 but around 10:00 we heard an announcement that they were having mechanical difficulties. The train finally came at 10:15 and we hopped aboard. It takes about 45 minutes to get to Oceanside on the train but at $4.00 round trip per person (or really for a day pass) it's worth it.

We walked along the strip and then down the pier to Ruby's. Something was attracting bees because we had to walk through 2 or 3 swarms of them along the pier. They had moved on after we were done with lunch thankfully.

After lunch we walked along the water and Rachel had fun singing, "I got the water, I got the water, I got the water." She got soaked! I was really happy about that actually because she has been very afraid of the water before. I'm trying to get her over that fear so we were encouraging her to get wet! She was having fun splashing us and chasing us too.

It's amazing how much fun you can have with your family just walking through the water and splashing each other! My only regret is that we didn't plan a little better and bring our suits and towels. It would have been perfect!

Then we walked back to the train station and took it home. Despite the train being 40 minutes late at the start it turned into a great family day!

Here are some pictures:

Waiting for the Sphincter..I mean Sprinter to come

Finally we got on!

Goofing off at Ruby's

At the beach

25 April 2008

Been a-knitting

Over the last few months I've been knitting quite a bit. Here are the things I've made lately. The blue and yellow/green hats I made over Conference weekend. The blanket I'm giving to my sister-in-law who just had a baby boy and the scarf I made because I wanted to try doing I'm a bit addicted...

24 April 2008

The Office on Drugs

Anyone else super annoyed at how The Office was so serious tonight? And what is with Ryan having a drug problem? When I watch a funny show I want to laugh not watch a serious show. The Office is supposed to resolve imaginary problems not real-life problems.

The only thing I thought was funny was when Toby had is hand on Pam's leg and then told everyone he was moving to Costa Rica.

I hope they lighten it up a bit next week!

23 April 2008

I feel sick to my stomach...

I just got back from the dentist. It cost me $243 dollars! No, we do not have insurance. Yes, I know dentists are expensive but come on! $243 in one hour? Don't even get me started on how I could have spent that $243 dollars some other way.

I was under the impression I was going in for a routine cleaning appointment. I had cancelled one a couple months ago because I didn't want to pay $70 bucks that week to have my teeth cleaned. I thought I'd give myself a few more months since my teeth weren't bothering me at all. I had been debating going to this appointment but Spencer encouraged me and I do like having clean teeth.

After it was all over the receptionist informed me that the Dr. did a cleaning, exam and x-rays. Now I'll accept the x-ray charge. I knew she was doing them and that they were going to cost me. What I didn't know is that a cleaning and an exam are not the same thing. I figured that every time you went in to get your teeth cleaned they also looked at them and your gums to make sure everything was healthy. I guess that's not the case. I don't know how much that cost individually but it was probably upwards of $50 or $60 dollars since I know x-rays aren't that cheap.

Plus it wasn't even an enjoyable experience. The Dr. jabbered on and on about all kinds of worthless things. Every time she'd tell a story she would take her hands out of my mouth. I just wanted her to shut up and work on my teeth. I would have been out of there a lot faster! She told me all about her root canal and how the endodontist didn't find the 4th--albeit rare--root until later with a microscope. She told me about how she put in a yellow gold crown on her friend and every time she smiled, it showed. It bothered her but the friend was so happy. I think she told me this like 5 times! I was going crazy.

Oh and I loved the time she put that x-ray thing in my mouth and all I can do to not gag is concentrate on my breathing and she asks me how the weather is outside! Um, hello! I'm biting down on this gigantic plastic thing in my mouth and can't really answer right now!

Okay, I have to say I did get one piece of valid information out of today's visit. I found out that the discomfort and the gum swelling I have on a crown in the top back is most likely do to a base metal allergy. I am allergic to nickel and have to be very specific about jewelry I wear and she thinks this crown was made cheaply. That explains it. But then she went on to talk about 14 carat gold versus 22 carat gold and platinum and whatever else metal they use to make "very high quality" crowns in her office. "We would never put anything but gold in your mouth" she says. I know more about what kind of metals crowns are made of than I want to.

I just feel so sick that I had to fork out so much money to listen to a lady talk and talk and talk and talk and tell me my teeth looked great. That I had hardly any tartar buildup and my gums were healthy. I think it will be longer than 6 months before my next check up.

22 April 2008

American Idol: Andrew Lloyd Webber Style

Top Six?!? Wow it seems like the season just started. What am I going to do when it's over?? I was a little worried when I heard that it was going to be Andrew Lloyd Webber songs. His songs are so well-known so the contestants had to work really hard tonight. I gotta say for the most part I think they pulled it off. And on to the review!

Syesha looked like she was having so much fun on that stage. I agree with Randy, she did a great job! I think that she should not work toward being a pop star, but go into the theater. That's definitely her niche.

For Jason Castro I thought the song was a little low for him. You could tell he was kind of struggling with it at the beginning and he didn't hit some of those notes. I loved his voice singing that song though I just wish he had done better.

Brooke is struggling. I love her but I thought she was looked so uncomfortable on that stage--and stopping and starting! Ahh! People probably wouldn't have noticed if she garbled a word or two.Unfortunately I wouldn't be surprised if she went home tomorrow. I feel bad for her but if she can't hack the pressure now I don't know how she's going to do it in the real world. I'll still vote for her though because I think she has a beautiful voice.

David A was pretty good. I loved that he threw a pop spin on it. Although it's not my style of music completely--totally KYXY Soft Rock again--but he did well, forgettable, but well.

Carly: Well I've never seen "Jesus Christ: Superstar" but I have heard that song. I have some issues with that musical but overall I thought this song fit Carly's personality. I think people will remember this one from her.

And lastly, David Cook gave me chills. Music of the Night is a deeply emotional song and you could tell he was feeling it. Man, those eyes. Wow, I love this guy! You could tell David Cook can sing! On a side note did you read about the fact that he has a solo album out? It was on Amazon for downloading until yesterday and they took it off. I don't see what the big deal is. Obviously he is still undiscovered talent. My friend has an album out that he did himself, does that mean he can't audition for American Idol? I think not! Go David!

My predictions for the bottom three: Jason and Brooke (unfortunately) and Syesha

21 April 2008

16 April 2008

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

We are reading Twilight in book club this month. Instead of waiting an indeterminable amount of time for my turn at the library I just bought the book from half.com. I was excited when I got it in the mail on Friday but I didn't let myself read it until I'd finished last month's book, Thunderstruck (which was good by the way). I finished that one Saturday so Sunday night I picked up Twilight.

When I get into a book I immerse myself in that book. It's hard for me to do anything else. I remember when I was younger I would sit on the couch and read all afternoon from start to finish. Of course those were books like Nancy Drew or Babysitter's Club but still I couldn't put them down. I've been known to read the Harry Potter books in one or two sittings. I knew that it would probably be like this when I read Twilight.

Sunday night I read for around three hours until almost 1 in the morning when I finally forced myself to go to sleep. Monday night I couldn't stay up as late but again couldn't put the book down until midnight.

After dropping Rachel off at preschool yesterday I headed to the park instead of my usual destinations of Target or Vons. I read for the full hour and a half and finished just in time to pick Rachel back up.

After finishing it yesterday I felt like I could move on with my life. It had virtually stopped the last few days while reading Twilight. Not that it was the most intellectual book I've read or even the most suspenseful or thrilling. It was intriguing. It kept me guessing about Edward and vampires. I'm not an expert on vampire, you see. I throught there were a few holes in the plot and times where I had to ask myself, "Did they mention this before and I missed it?" but overall it was extremely entertaining. I was a little dissappointed in the lack of emotion I felt--I have been known to cry while reading books--toward the characters but I'm definitly hooked (by the way, my friend Lacey said she cried in the third book so I guess there's still hope). I alread put the next two books on hold at the library and can't wait for my turn!

15 April 2008

Mariah American Idol

Okay, what were they thinking with Mariah Carey as a mentor? I get annoyed with her songs so I thought I would be more disappointed with the performances tonight, but it was pretty good!

David A. was great! I didn't know Whitney and Mariah sang that song as a duet. He sang well and was very entertaining. He hasn't really been my favorite through this season but he definitely deserves to go far this year. I wouldn't buy his stuff though because it's way too KyXy Soft Rock for me.

Carly: I like that song but I didn't know Mariah sang it. It was kinda screamy though...I wish I liked her better. It was just okay for me.

Syesha just doesn't do it for me. Yawn...I think it was a little indulgent with all those runs. I really just don't like Mariah songs all that much so it was just okay.

Brooke picked the right season to audition. She would not have made it in past seasons if she couldn't have her piano or guitar. I just love her at the piano. Was it me or was she really shaky? I just love the whole package of Brooke.

Kristy Lee was okay. I thought the beginning was too low for her but toward the end it got better. It wasn't anything spectacular though. I wish America would just end her torture and finally vote her off.

David Cook never ceases to disappoint. I loved the softer side at the beginning and the violins tonight. He so knows how to work the camera. I would totally buy his songs. He's awesome! Okay I love him. Yay for the standing ovation from Randy!

Jason was great too! He is becoming more confident and louder than before so he is really inching up on my approval list.

I hope Syesha or Kristy Lee or Carly go home. Please just end it for them but keep Jason, David and Brooke!

Conquering Half Dome

My friend Cheryl and her family moved to Utah last week and on their way stopped at Yosemite. Yosemite has to be one of my all time favorite places--up there with the Big Sur coast and North Shore, Oahu. Seeing her pictures reminded me of my only visit to Yosemite about 10 years ago. My family--with the exception of my sister who was on her mission in Spain--and another family from Ramona took a vacation up there. We went in August and had planned to backpack throughout the valley.

I remember the stunning beauty of the sheer cliffs and waterfalls while backpacking for the first time in my life. But mostly I remember Half Dome.

We took one day to hike from Glacier Point to Lower Yosemite Valley and set up camp. The next day we had planned to try our luck hiking the back side of Half Dome.

Sheer madness. If you haven't been to the backside of Half Dome, it looks like the front--solid rock. They have these metal stakes every 10 feet or so up the side of the mountain with wood planks to help you up and cables to hold on to. If I had known what would happen at the top I might not have gone up--or maybe I still would.

Going up was strenuous but not difficult. I had graduated High School a couple years back and was still in great shape from swimming and jogging. Finally we got to the top and it was exhilarating. It was like we were at the top of the world. The rock was kind of flat so you could walk to all sides and see the vast landscape that makes up Yosemite Valley and beyond.

After taking in the sights and resting for a while we decided to head back down. I was with my mom and the father of the other family, Lee. My brother and Lee's sons had taken off down already--practically running.

When you come to the top of Half Dome there is a small decline before you get to the "drop-off." That's as far as I got.

Writing this I can still feel the same feelings of dread and fear today as I felt then. Not as strong, but it's like reliving this all over again.

I was absolutely positively frozen in place. You know when people say in their dreams that they try to run but their legs won't move? That's how it was. I was frozen to that side of the mountain and there was nothing that was going to make me move. I had never been so afraid before in my life. Somehow I neglected to connect my fear of heights with climbing up and down this cliff. After scaling down those initial few feet it was like I was stepping off into nothing. The cliff went straight down I don't know how many hundred feet and all I could see was the people looking like little ants at the bottom. Not to mention if I looked straight ahead I was seeing at the same level as some high peaks in the distance. My hands are shaking and my heart is beating fast just thinking about it...

So I stood there rooted in place by my fear with my mom and Lee next to me. I won't even get into the crying I was doing. I'm sure the people climbing up to get to the top thought I was the weirdest person they had ever seen. Finally after at least 15 minutes of coaxing I decided to take that first step--backwards. I figured if I didn't look down at the vastness it might make it easier to get down. I just stared at my feet as I inched slowly down the hill with Lee and my mom close by my side.

Miraculously I made it back to the bottom of the cliff and collapsed against the rock to compose myself. I don't think I will ever be able to forget how I felt on that cliff. One thing I was able to forget though was my fear of heights. After calming down at the bottom of the rock I realized what I done. I had successfully overcome complete fear and made it down to the bottom of Half Dome. Before hiking up the back of Half Dome I was afraid of heights. After getting to the bottom I had conquered my fear. Knowing that I had just climbed up and down that huge sheer cliff was such a rush. It wasn't until a few months later when I was atop a tall bridge looking down. Nowhere was that panicky, short of breath feeling that I used to get when I was up high. I guess I got it all out at the top of Half Dome. I love that I conquered such a huge fear that I had. I haven't been afraid of heights since.

Here's a picture of us going up-I'm the second one from the bottom, one of the Pierce boys is below me and another above me in the orange, and then one more in the red. That's my brother at the top looking like he's running up the cliff. The other picture is from someone looking down on us. I'm sure we weren't very high up at this point.

13 April 2008

Kung-fu Haircuts?

I saw this picture the other day at a neighborhood shopping center. I guess Supercuts is changing their business plan from haircuts to kung-fu. :)

On a second note, we are paying WAY too much for gas...

12 April 2008

Goodbye and good luck!

Last week I found out that one of my High School friends is moving to Texas. I have known her since Junior High and there aren't many people I can say that about--that I still talk to. We had a little going away party for her and her husband. There were five of us that hung out together in High School--one of which has left the pack--and we still keep in touch. I felt so privileged because the three others in these pictures were friends and then they let me join their group around 9th or 10 grade. We went on to be in Yearbook together and be best friends.

After graduation we lost touch for a few years but right around the time I got married we found each other again. I moved to Hawaii temporarily and Marie (far right) went to college in Kansas but no one has permanently moved out of San Diego. It will be sad to see her and her family go--we also went to High School with her husband--but I wish them well! I hope to see you again soon!

Here's us last week:

And at High School graduation 12 years ago:

11 April 2008

How do I reconcile?

Did anyone watch Idol Gives Back on Wednesday night? I told Spencer I would have it on in the background while I did stuff because I didn't want to watch it for two hours. Instead I watched it for two hours. :) I actually really enjoy the performances and it's interesting to watch the stories they show us. Plus I've been knitting a lot so it's nice to have something to watch while I knit. It is unimaginable how some people in the world--and even in our own country--live. It makes me feel so blessed to have a clean apartment, food and medicine when I need it.

I've been thinking a lot about what was shown on the episode. People living in dire circumstances. Disease rampant. Death and sickness a common thread among most of them. There was one woman who had lost 3-yes, three-children to HIV/AIDS in Africa. I cannot imagine the pain that she has gone through. Not only to be so personally affected by the disease but now she sees the damage and the heartache that it has inflicted on others that she knows and loves. This made me think a lot about what I have been going through.

My experiences are not anywhere near as dramatic as this woman's. I have however experienced pain and heartache. I know that putting things into perspective can help people realize that their experiences are not as bad as others. I understand that. But I also know that if I don't deal with the things I have been through I will not fully heal.

This brings me to my conundrum: So how do I reconcile the fact that I have to grieve to fully heal without ignoring the perspective that other's heartaches gives me?

VIP Rachel

In Rachel's Primary (at church) they spotlight a child every week. I thought it would be cute to put her answers to the questionnaire here.

Places I have lived: Escondido, San Marcos

In my spare time, I like to: Play at the park, watch tv, sing and dance

My favorite color: Red

My favorite food: Cereal

My favorite movie: Charlie and Lola

My favorite animal: Giraffe

My favorite place to visit: Wild Animal Park

My favorite temple: San Diego Temple

My favorite scripture story: Nephi building the ship

I can show that I am a Child of God by: Hugging (and then she started to sing "I am a child of God" so I'm going to add singing as well

10 April 2008

Yay! The Office is Back!

The Office is back and it didn't disappoint! I have been looking forward to this night for so long. I loved this episode and the dysfunctionality of it. What was up with Jan evil-eying Pam so much? I so felt bad for Jim and Pam hiding in the bathroom to talk to the camera. That was hilarious though!

Here are some memorable Quotes (Feel free to add your favorites of the night):
You have no idea the physical toll three vasectomies have on a person! - Michael

My apartment's on fire - Jim
Flooded - Pam
Flooded - Jim

Yay! The Office is back!

08 April 2008

Inspiration Night on American Idol

Well I know you were all waiting on the edge of your seat for my weekly synopsis fo American Idol, but this week I'm disappointing. I was at an Usborne book party tonight so I missed watching it. I did however get to watch all the performances on Youtube.com but I'm just not feeling up to writing about it this time.

I don't feel inspired at all. :) Today has been an emotional day and I'm just not in the mood for writing.

So tell me what you all thought of the show tonight!

03 April 2008

Rachel got tagged!

Rachel has been tagged by her first online friend Meg :).

10 things you may or may not know about me:

1. I love to sing. Every time we are in the car I ask my mom if she has her iPod. If she does, I ask for "Had a Bad Dad" and then "Hey There Delilah" and sing the whole songs.

2. I love my preschool teacher Anna.

3. I love to take baths but hate getting my hair washed.

4. My favorite food is cereal. I would eat it all day if my mom would let me.

5. I like to watch a lot of tv, but my mom doesn't let me every time I ask.

6. I love to blow bubbles.

7. I love to read books and ask my mommy to read to me a lot. I memorized "The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog" because my mom and dad read it to me so much.

8. I love going to the park and playing with my friend Ashlyn.

9. At the park sometimes I won't play with the kids though. I'll just sit and chat with all the mommies. I like to tell them my name and how old I am. Then I ask them their names.

10. I take my Pink & Yellow (blankets) everywhere. I always like to smell them. They smell good.

I have to tag 5 friends. I'm going to tag Ashlyn, Lizzy, Emma, Baby Elizabeth or as I call her Emily Elizabeth, and Caden.

What ya got on your playlist?

My friend Amy had this on her blog and I am blatantly stealing it! Okay the rules are to put your iPod, shuffle or whatever mp3 player you have on shuffle and then list the first 10 songs. No cheating! Here's mine:

1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow--Israel Kmakawiwo'ole
2. Freak Me Out-Weezer
3. When I See You Smile-Bad English
4. When The Children Cry-White Lion
5. Sweetness-Jimmy Eat World
6.Twisted-Stevie Nicks
7. Bad Day-Daniel Powter
8. Patience-Guns & Roses
9. How You Remind Me-Nickelback
10 How Do You Talk To An Angel-The Heights

Okay now post your top ten in the comments and put this on your blog if you want to!

02 April 2008


Here are some pictures from recently that I haven't gotten around to posting. Enjoy!

Rachel and her best friend Ashlyn at the Easter Egg Hunt, her face painted as a cat and of course Daddy and the Easter Bunny:

A couple of Rachel climbing on the gorilla at the San Diego Zoo:

Some of the family at the Phoenix Zoo:

A couple of Rachel last month trying on a sleeper that I think is size 3-6 month. She was thrilled to wear this sleeper all day. :) And the last one is her in a different 3-6 month sleeper with my boots. She knows fashion, this one.

01 April 2008

American Idol--Dolly Parton Style

So here is my second installment of what I thought of American Idol. Thanks for going easy on me last week. Maybe I just don't like Dolly Parton songs or something because I thought there were so many performances that were boring. Tonight was just weird for me.

Overall the show was decent. Simon seemed like he was in a grouchy mood tonight. Paula looked good. It was sad that the first half of the show went longer than it should so they had to rush the second half. Okay on to the singers!

Brooke: I thought the song she chose was kind of safe, but unlike some of the others, I wasn't bored by it. She sang the song beautifully and perfect none the less. She is so talented and pure. That is what I love about her voice.

David Cook--Yay his own arrangement! I was thoroughly impressed. I thought it was very funny that they made him give credit to all the other arrangements he's done so far. I know they've done that in the past, but it drives me crazy that there are people out there that make them bring it out.

Once again I loved it. Simon's right, it wasn't as good as his previous performances, but he is super talented and strong.

Ramiele-All I have to say is she needs to go home. She didn't even sound on key and what was with that dancing and weird head bobbing? It was a little too funky peppy for me. I just have never liked her and she is not impressing me.

Jason Castro-I really liked him this week and thought he sang much stronger than he has. I really enjoyed seeing him upbeat. I think he's talented and definitely brings a good variety to the show but he's not my favorite.

Carly--Booooring. That long note was good, but it didn't make up for how totally boring the song was. Ouch about the comment about her clothes. Her outfit was fairly atrocious but I never thought Simon would stoop that low.

David A.- I've been impressed with David Archuleta but once again he is not my favorite. Tonight he was really good though. He had me glued to the screen. I think that was one of his best performances.

Kristy--If they could send two home in one night I would vote Kristy and Ramiele. That comment about impressing Dolly rather than her mom was lame. She sang the song well, but it was kinda boring.

Syesha--Syesha is growing on me. Tonight she really showed again that she can sing. I thought she sang beautifully but Simon is right. The Whitney Houston version is the ultimate version. The long note was a little long but I felt that she did a good job.

Michael Johns--The song he chose was not my favorite song he has sung. If I liked soul and blues I think I would have liked it better because he sang it well but that's not my favorite kind of music.

Blog Post of Randomness 2 and Trip Rundown

So we got home last night from Arizona and I have barely been able to get on the computer all day. This is going to be one of those random-I have tons of things to write about posts.

We drove out to Arizona on Friday and had a great time. On the way we stopped at my sister's house to stop for a potty break and let the cousins play together. It was nice to see my sister since we haven't seen her since new Years. Once we were back on the road we played name that tune with my iPod on random. When "Beat It" by Michael Jackson came on she started singing along after a couple verses. Spencer and I were cracking up over her singing "beat it! beat it!" over and over. I wish I had that on video. It was classic. Then she watched Charlie and Lola-or Charyie and Yoya as Rachel calls it-on my iPod for the second half of the drive. Spencer has been spending the last couple weeks putting all our DVDs on our computer so we could put them on my iPod. I have some travel speakers and wa-la portable DVD player. It worked wonders.

Friday night we went to a friend's reception. We knew this guy before we were dating so it's great to see him happily married. The neighborhood where they had the reception used to be an orange grove. When they built the houses they chopped down the minimal amount of orange trees they needed to and built around the existing trees. The smell of orange blossoms was intoxicating. That has to be one of my all time favorite smells.

Saturday we went to the Phoenix Zoo with some other friends. We had a blast and luckily it wasn't too hot. Rachel did get whacked in the forehead by our friend's camera causing a giant lump to form but no permanent harm done.

Saturday afternoon my sister in law was going to throw an Usborne party but unfortunately no one showed up. I was looking forward to making a bit of money but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Hopefully more people come to my party next week. :)

The rest of the weekend was uneventful and we just drove home all day yesterday.

Here are two memorable quotes from the weekend:

Rachel: Daddy, we are going to Josie's house but don't be scared. She's a nice girl
Spencer: Thanks so much Rachel.

Geoff (Spencer's brother) referring to how "dudes" and "chicks" are different: When Kristen and I got married she thought I was a chick. But when she figured out I was a dude everything was fine.

Why is so damn funny to pretend you are pregnant on April Fools Day? There sure were a lot of fake announcements out there. Maybe I'm just sensitive. Okay I am...

Today I got my Passport in the mail YAY! Something about getting a passport gets me so excited. Spencer and I are going on a cruise in September so we needed to get passports. I feel like an official US citizen now. It also is cool that I know I can just jump on a plane to some foreign country if I want--and if I have the money.

Have you ever watched Ace of Cakes? I love that show! I can't say I would ever spend the money on the cakes that they make but it's fun to watch them build them. I also think it's funny that most of the cakes have barely any cake in them!

What is up with Firefox not doing spelling check? It's bugging me that it's catching iPod as misspelled but not other words that were blatantly misspelled.

Well I think that about sums things up. I have some pictures from Easter and the Zoo to post so if I can find time tomorrow I will. Now I'm off to put the finishing touches on my American Idol post.