01 April 2008

American Idol--Dolly Parton Style

So here is my second installment of what I thought of American Idol. Thanks for going easy on me last week. Maybe I just don't like Dolly Parton songs or something because I thought there were so many performances that were boring. Tonight was just weird for me.

Overall the show was decent. Simon seemed like he was in a grouchy mood tonight. Paula looked good. It was sad that the first half of the show went longer than it should so they had to rush the second half. Okay on to the singers!

Brooke: I thought the song she chose was kind of safe, but unlike some of the others, I wasn't bored by it. She sang the song beautifully and perfect none the less. She is so talented and pure. That is what I love about her voice.

David Cook--Yay his own arrangement! I was thoroughly impressed. I thought it was very funny that they made him give credit to all the other arrangements he's done so far. I know they've done that in the past, but it drives me crazy that there are people out there that make them bring it out.

Once again I loved it. Simon's right, it wasn't as good as his previous performances, but he is super talented and strong.

Ramiele-All I have to say is she needs to go home. She didn't even sound on key and what was with that dancing and weird head bobbing? It was a little too funky peppy for me. I just have never liked her and she is not impressing me.

Jason Castro-I really liked him this week and thought he sang much stronger than he has. I really enjoyed seeing him upbeat. I think he's talented and definitely brings a good variety to the show but he's not my favorite.

Carly--Booooring. That long note was good, but it didn't make up for how totally boring the song was. Ouch about the comment about her clothes. Her outfit was fairly atrocious but I never thought Simon would stoop that low.

David A.- I've been impressed with David Archuleta but once again he is not my favorite. Tonight he was really good though. He had me glued to the screen. I think that was one of his best performances.

Kristy--If they could send two home in one night I would vote Kristy and Ramiele. That comment about impressing Dolly rather than her mom was lame. She sang the song well, but it was kinda boring.

Syesha--Syesha is growing on me. Tonight she really showed again that she can sing. I thought she sang beautifully but Simon is right. The Whitney Houston version is the ultimate version. The long note was a little long but I felt that she did a good job.

Michael Johns--The song he chose was not my favorite song he has sung. If I liked soul and blues I think I would have liked it better because he sang it well but that's not my favorite kind of music.


Julie said...

Fun to hear your take on things, Jamie! I agree almost completely. Although I love Dolly's music and think the contestants just weren't on top of their game. And I enjoyed hearing Michael do something orginal. Fun to hear your thoughts!

Susan M said...

I closed my eyes during Ramiele's song and was amazed at how much better it was. Her voice does not match her looks or personality. Alone it's much better.

I did the same with Carly because her smiling was bugging me and then I didn't like her singing as much. She does little things with her phrasing that bug me.

Melissa said...

I watched Brooke, the two Davids and Jason... during every other singer I would listen for a moment and then flip to Biggest Loser. It wasn't a good night last night...

bythelbs said...

I agree with almost all of what you said. I love Dolly Parton because she's just so adorable, but I wasn't feeling the music. I liked Michael Johns, though. But I'm still not feeling Syesha--that was kind of a schizo arrangement. She should have just stuck with the more Dolly Partonesque version. Not that it would have made much difference to me since I'm just not really a fan.

Somebody please send Ramiele home!