01 April 2008

Blog Post of Randomness 2 and Trip Rundown

So we got home last night from Arizona and I have barely been able to get on the computer all day. This is going to be one of those random-I have tons of things to write about posts.

We drove out to Arizona on Friday and had a great time. On the way we stopped at my sister's house to stop for a potty break and let the cousins play together. It was nice to see my sister since we haven't seen her since new Years. Once we were back on the road we played name that tune with my iPod on random. When "Beat It" by Michael Jackson came on she started singing along after a couple verses. Spencer and I were cracking up over her singing "beat it! beat it!" over and over. I wish I had that on video. It was classic. Then she watched Charlie and Lola-or Charyie and Yoya as Rachel calls it-on my iPod for the second half of the drive. Spencer has been spending the last couple weeks putting all our DVDs on our computer so we could put them on my iPod. I have some travel speakers and wa-la portable DVD player. It worked wonders.

Friday night we went to a friend's reception. We knew this guy before we were dating so it's great to see him happily married. The neighborhood where they had the reception used to be an orange grove. When they built the houses they chopped down the minimal amount of orange trees they needed to and built around the existing trees. The smell of orange blossoms was intoxicating. That has to be one of my all time favorite smells.

Saturday we went to the Phoenix Zoo with some other friends. We had a blast and luckily it wasn't too hot. Rachel did get whacked in the forehead by our friend's camera causing a giant lump to form but no permanent harm done.

Saturday afternoon my sister in law was going to throw an Usborne party but unfortunately no one showed up. I was looking forward to making a bit of money but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Hopefully more people come to my party next week. :)

The rest of the weekend was uneventful and we just drove home all day yesterday.

Here are two memorable quotes from the weekend:

Rachel: Daddy, we are going to Josie's house but don't be scared. She's a nice girl
Spencer: Thanks so much Rachel.

Geoff (Spencer's brother) referring to how "dudes" and "chicks" are different: When Kristen and I got married she thought I was a chick. But when she figured out I was a dude everything was fine.

Why is so damn funny to pretend you are pregnant on April Fools Day? There sure were a lot of fake announcements out there. Maybe I'm just sensitive. Okay I am...

Today I got my Passport in the mail YAY! Something about getting a passport gets me so excited. Spencer and I are going on a cruise in September so we needed to get passports. I feel like an official US citizen now. It also is cool that I know I can just jump on a plane to some foreign country if I want--and if I have the money.

Have you ever watched Ace of Cakes? I love that show! I can't say I would ever spend the money on the cakes that they make but it's fun to watch them build them. I also think it's funny that most of the cakes have barely any cake in them!

What is up with Firefox not doing spelling check? It's bugging me that it's catching iPod as misspelled but not other words that were blatantly misspelled.

Well I think that about sums things up. I have some pictures from Easter and the Zoo to post so if I can find time tomorrow I will. Now I'm off to put the finishing touches on my American Idol post.

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