17 April 2008

The eyes are the window of your face


bythelbs said...

Christopher Walken is awesome. I especially love that SNL skit where he does a parody of his Dead Zone character--"You're going to get an ice cream headache. And it's going to hurt. Really bad." There's also that Behind the Music one where he insists, "I need more cowbell."

You can get to the cowbell skit and other Christopher Walken stuff here: http://www.ojai.net/swanson/snlshows.htm

Oh, and here's that awesome Fatboy Slim video he's featured in:

Sorry for the excessive linkage--I'm just a big CW fan!

Jamie J said...

He's got some sweet moves in that video! I loved the mirror scene. The cowbell video is classic!

Hazen5 said...

Anything Christopher Walken does is so funny! Good find.

Melissa said...

That was SOOO FUNNY!! Love it!