12 April 2008

Goodbye and good luck!

Last week I found out that one of my High School friends is moving to Texas. I have known her since Junior High and there aren't many people I can say that about--that I still talk to. We had a little going away party for her and her husband. There were five of us that hung out together in High School--one of which has left the pack--and we still keep in touch. I felt so privileged because the three others in these pictures were friends and then they let me join their group around 9th or 10 grade. We went on to be in Yearbook together and be best friends.

After graduation we lost touch for a few years but right around the time I got married we found each other again. I moved to Hawaii temporarily and Marie (far right) went to college in Kansas but no one has permanently moved out of San Diego. It will be sad to see her and her family go--we also went to High School with her husband--but I wish them well! I hope to see you again soon!

Here's us last week:

And at High School graduation 12 years ago:

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Lindsay said...

So excited to see that you have a blog!!! Didn't even know you had one!! Love the blogs b/c it's my only way of staying touch with friends and fam- so now we get to "catch up" with each other more often!! We need to get our girls together!!