29 April 2008

It's a May Day Give-a-Way!

So in the spirit of May Day, I decided to have a giveaway. I don't know if you are supposed to give gifts on May Day-does anyone really know what it's all about?-but May Day rhymes with giveaway and I feel the need to give something to my loyal readers so it sounds good to me!

Here's what I'm giving: Any hand knitted item from below or if none of these fit your fancy I can make something custom for you. We can talk.

The second one is going to be a scarf. Here's a picture of the finished pattern.

So here's what you do: just leave me a comment telling me why I'm so awesome by midnight on May 1st and then I'll choose a winner.

Happy May Day giveaway!


Michele said...

Wow why Jamie is awesome! Let me count the ways :).
1. She keeps the Sunbeams smiling (and vice versa).
2. She can knit with one hand while kneading with the other (ok not really but I think it is cool that you both knit and make bread:)).
3. She always finds funny stuff and shares it with us.
4. Her comments and critiques of tv shows are great and make me wish I could watch them.
5. She reads interesting books and shares her thoughts about them.
6. She has gotten over one of her biggest fears--think of how many people have fears that hold them back from doing all sorts of great things.
7. She is a super mommy/wife/daughter/etc.
8. She is a wonderful on-line listener :)
9. She takes care of herself by walking regularly.
10. There are too many other things to keep going :)
Jamie, you are awesome in a ton of ways. I am so glad that you are my "friend".

Jamie J said...

Aww Michele, thanks! I was really joking when I said that but you made me feel good!

Emily said...

Maybe because your my sister - just kidding. You have always just been a sensitive person, in tune with other people's needs and you live life with enthusiasm

Michele said...

I am glad I made you feel good Jamie :). Seriously I can't even begin to tell you the number of times something you have posted has made me feel better or have a more positive outlook.

Cheryl said...

I have to agree with Michele, Jamie. You're fabulous!

I love that you're doing a give-a-way! Anything hand-made by you rocks (I'm looking at my cool bag as I type this). Hooray for Jamie! :)

S'mee said...

Agreeing with all above comments! Plus this:
I'm old. All my kids are grown and outta da howz, that said, I *still* have every hand made thing anyone ever made for my kids. Yup. Can't get rid of them. So good on you for *making* things! They will be treasured by whoever receives them.

Win lose or draw, I am glad you are knitting and having a give away!

S'mee said...

oh, and when I was a little girl (back in the dark ages) people *would* give gifts on May Day!

It was even a practice in schools. Each year we made small paper cones to take home and fill with fresh spring flowers. After the cone was filled we were instructed to sneak over to a neighbor's house and leave the bouquet tied to their doorknob, ding dong ditch and hightail it home before them knew who had left the sign of spring. It was an awesome tradition that faded away.

Perhaps you are bringing it back! (You could go around singing like that boy band guy...Jimmy, Justin, Jason?? "I'm bringing MayDay back!")

bythelbs said...

I don't know you well yet, but reading your blog and the comments you post on mine always makes me smile. In my book being able to make someone smile=awesomeness!

Beautiful handmade items, and I agree with s'mee--I always treasure the handmade things people give me.

Melissa said...

First of all, living in SoCal automatically makes you AWESOME! (I should know... I live down here too!) The fact that you made those items makes you doubly awesome. And to triple that - you play Scrabulous with a crazy blog friend :D
Lovin that scarf...

Jamie J said...

Ok I have been trying to comment all day! I'm totally not ignoring all of you. Thank you so much for your *cough* unsolicited *cough* compliments! :)

Cheryl, I was just thinking yesterday about that bag. I wish I had made you a different one-it was pink and brown, right?-but I hope you still like it!

s'mee, thanks so much for the info! What a fun idea giving flowers to people on May Day. I actually just heard that there was a day called May Day probably 4 years ago. Yeah, I guess you could say it's gone out of style!

Cheryl said...

Of course I love it! I really like the pattern/colors. Ooh, and it's my Weight Watchers bag! I have all my WW stuff in it, and it's fabulous --I don't have to buy their bags for my stuff (which, btw, are not as nice as yours.).

Shelly said...

You are a beautiful person and you make beautiful things with yarn. And purely selfishly speaking, I totally love scarves!!!
Your mom

Janelle said...

Hi Jaimi. What greatest fear did you overcome? (Sorry if it was posted in a previous year.) I always love a giveaway. You are the first person I have linked to without knowing in person. Should I make more blog friends? I mainly read people's blogs I know, but it might be fun to branch out more like my friends Cheryl and Denae. Hmmm. Oh well, here I am and I would love a home made gift. Thanks! - Janelle

Jamie J said...

Janelle, here is the link to the post http://jamiewearsflipflops.blogspot.com/2008/04/conquering-half-dome.html
I climbed Half Dome.

It is fun to read people you don't know. I have made some great friends by reading blogs.

shay said...

I SO missed out on this one!!! My computer was broken!!! What a great idea...I've participated before in 'give-a-ways' but never thought of starting one myself...hmmmmm. great idea.