15 April 2008

Mariah American Idol

Okay, what were they thinking with Mariah Carey as a mentor? I get annoyed with her songs so I thought I would be more disappointed with the performances tonight, but it was pretty good!

David A. was great! I didn't know Whitney and Mariah sang that song as a duet. He sang well and was very entertaining. He hasn't really been my favorite through this season but he definitely deserves to go far this year. I wouldn't buy his stuff though because it's way too KyXy Soft Rock for me.

Carly: I like that song but I didn't know Mariah sang it. It was kinda screamy though...I wish I liked her better. It was just okay for me.

Syesha just doesn't do it for me. Yawn...I think it was a little indulgent with all those runs. I really just don't like Mariah songs all that much so it was just okay.

Brooke picked the right season to audition. She would not have made it in past seasons if she couldn't have her piano or guitar. I just love her at the piano. Was it me or was she really shaky? I just love the whole package of Brooke.

Kristy Lee was okay. I thought the beginning was too low for her but toward the end it got better. It wasn't anything spectacular though. I wish America would just end her torture and finally vote her off.

David Cook never ceases to disappoint. I loved the softer side at the beginning and the violins tonight. He so knows how to work the camera. I would totally buy his songs. He's awesome! Okay I love him. Yay for the standing ovation from Randy!

Jason was great too! He is becoming more confident and louder than before so he is really inching up on my approval list.

I hope Syesha or Kristy Lee or Carly go home. Please just end it for them but keep Jason, David and Brooke!


Scribbit said...

I didn't get it either, though I've never been a Mariah Carey fan. It's funny, there's something wrong with our t.v. and it distorts the picture so everyone's heads are eloganted and large then their feet are small. It really does a number on her already unusually enhanced figure :)

Julie said...

I agree about Brooke and was thinking the same thing about her instruments. She just wouldn't have made it in previous seasons, yet totally shines here. I like the addition of instruments, as it gives us a better idea of how they'll be as an artist. I wish Syesha had a more unique something, because I like her. But she's nothing vocally out of the ordinary.
And amen on the Mariah comments. I feel ya, dawg.

Emily said...

I cant STAND Mariah Carey...!!! BUT.....

I think they all did really well last night.

and I don't understand why people don't like Karly, her performance gave me chills.

BUT, I think that Ayesha and Kristy need to go.... hopefully it wont be a shocker like last week.... I'm still feeling aftershocks from the loss of Michael Johns :( ::sniff sniff::

bythelbs said...

I wasn't so sure about David C.'s performance at first. I thought he rocked the end, but was a little shaky on the soft and slow parts. I was surprised at the standing O from Randy, so I went back and watched it again. It was definitely better for me the second time around. I liked how he hit that weird note on the end--off, but on purpose--it was a cool arrangement.

Poor Brooke just seemed to fall apart near the end. She was definitely shakey and seemed nervous. My husband noticed her speed up and was very pleased with himself when Paula said the same thing. I love Brooke, but I fear for her safety this week.

I think Kristy, Carly and Syesha have nice voices, but they just don't do it for me. I guess they're just not my style, but I don't think they have anything really unique to offer.

Jason did great, but I've been a fan all along. I was relieved that he's been doing well that past couple of weeks. I was surprised Randy wasn't feelin' it.

David A. just has an awesome voice. I like him a lot, but I'm like you--he's not really my style. I don't think I'd buy a David Archuleta CD. Although if he put out something Michael Buble-ish I would probably download a few singles from I Tunes.

I'm not a Mariah fan, but she came off very sweet. She is looking a little plastic to me for some reason. She's beautiful (maybe a little thin now)--I'm not trying to say she's had work done or anything---but she was very stiff or something. I dunno.

Shelly said...

See...I told you Brooke White and Jason Castro are worth being in this thing. They have been my favorites from the beginning. I totally get them!