29 April 2008

Neil Diamond American Idol

Okay so I love Neil Diamond. When I was in High School my parents bought the 2 Disc Greatest Hits 1966-1992 Album. I remember one experience where I went on a visit somewhere with my dad. I couldn't go in the home so I just sat in my 1987 Toyota truck with a CD player and cranked this CD. Let me just clarify: The truck wasn't new. This was probably 1994 or so. Obsessive teen that I was--ok not much has changed--I listened to this CD for months on end. Thus began my love affair with Neil Diamond.

Neil was so nice with the contestants. I loved that. Can I just say "wow" to those eyebrows though!

Okay so Paula was obviously on something tonight too thinking that Jason had sang two songs after the first one. She looked really confused. That was hilarious.

Jason: Forever in Blue Jeans--Loved it! I thought that song was so perfect for him. I thought he was confident and his voice came off as strong as it could. I loved the violins too. I agree with Simon that it was forgettable, but he did a great job anyway.
September Morn--Eh, I'm not sure it was as good as the first one. It was just okay kind of boring actually.

David Cook: I'm Alive--So I love David, right? This song was good and he sang it well but it was just a'ight for me. It sounded just like any other song and didn't really have too much individuality. I didn't feel like her was really enjoying himself up there singing this one.
All I really Need Is You--This is the David that we all love. Much better than the first one! I love that he sings the songs as we could hear them on the radio now and love.

Brooke: I'm a Believer--What a fun song for Brooke to sing. I was happy to see her smile. We haven't seen that in a while. She tends to sing such serious songs. She still did look pretty nervous up there though. I really like the little changes in arrangement that she threw in. I liked it! I think that might be what keeps her in for next week.
I Am, I Said--Again this is the Brooke that we love! Her voice was beautiful and yay, she didn't forget the words! I love her behind the piano and she feels so at ease sitting there.

David A.: Sweet Caroline--Hmmm, I sort of felt like I was at Disneyland. Kinda pop-y and I didn't really dig it.
America--Is this American Idol or Star Search? I don't know, I didn't really like it again. He can sing really well, but I thought it way to country fair-ish. Eh, but I'm not really a fan so this is just my opinion.

Syesha: Hello Again--Syesha's growing on me! She sang this song so flawlessly and beautifully. I really enjoyed it!
Thank the Lord for the Nighttime--It was fun and enjoyable and she did well but it was okay. I think she is talented but doesn't really stand out.


Shelly said...

Okay...my opinion on American Idol. Pretty much the same as Jamie. And I think Simon is right about Syesha. She's the next to get the boot...even if she does have a really beautiful voice. She doesn't have the "IT" factor.
Jason--just fun to listen to and watch perform. He is what he is. Ya gotta accept that.
Cook--same ole...same ole. Nothing memorable tonight...but always productive.
Brooke--she was born to sit at that piano and sing.
Archie--BORING....and BORING again!
Syesha--Always on pitch, but predictable. She will do well on Broadway.

Melissa said...

ACK!! I COMPLETELY forgot about AI! We watched "August Rush" tonight (good movie, by the way) and I didn't even think about Idol... bah... I'll have to see if I can find clips on YouTube.

Cheryl said...

Just go to idolonfox.com and you can see each song...it's nice and better than Youtube...

I agreed with a lot of your assessment. Either I am really smart, or you are really smart. Maybe both? :)

Julie said...

Amen on Archuleta and Syesha. Actually, all of them. And that was totally Jason's song, don't you think? Yes, he's a Forever in Blue Jeans kind of guy.

Emily said...

agree with you on most points,

david cook rocks!

syesha needs to go!

but I can't STAND jason... he's so dopey! and basically everything he sings in the SAME, i'm bored with him and think he needs to go... but we're all entitled to our opinon.

Brooke is not doing so well, she always seems really nervous. I don't want to see her go yet because I think she's great.

Archuleta... okay, so he's a local for me, he's good, but not my fav...

tonight will be INTERESTING, I hope either Syesha or Jason goes home, but I think Brooke may be in trouble too....

:::biting my nails:::

bythelbs said...

I think my biggest problem with AI is that a lot of times it seems like the band cheesifies the songs--or it's the arrangements or something.

I'm still a fan of Jason, although he really only shines when he does the music that fits his style. But that's OK, isn't it? He won't win AI, but he'll for sure put out an album and I would totally buy it.

Same with Brooke--she just needs to stick to her thang.

Syesha is still a theater star to me--I see a Tony in her future.

I love the sound of David A.'s voice, but he's huge on the cheese factor--I want to hear "Imagine" again.

I'm a fan of David Cook, but I still feel like he peaked at "Hello". He's keeping me interested, though.