24 April 2008

The Office on Drugs

Anyone else super annoyed at how The Office was so serious tonight? And what is with Ryan having a drug problem? When I watch a funny show I want to laugh not watch a serious show. The Office is supposed to resolve imaginary problems not real-life problems.

The only thing I thought was funny was when Toby had is hand on Pam's leg and then told everyone he was moving to Costa Rica.

I hope they lighten it up a bit next week!


Melissa said...

I guess I hadn't really thought about it. But you're right - last night wasn't very funny... but yeah, the thing with Toby was pretty awesome. I liked the advice that Michael gave Ryan about helping his friend with a drug problem... overall it was fairly forgettable... wait - now I sound like Simon from AI ;)

bythelbs said...

The highlight of the episode was Pam nailing Meredith in the face with a football.

We also got a good chuckle at the last scene when you realize Jim's forgotten to tell Hank not to come.

But yeah, not one of the best. Maybe they're setting it up for Ryan to get demoted or something--his website bombing, the drug addiction, etc--so they can bring him back to the Scranton branch.

Jamie J said...

bythlbs, yeah the football in Meredith's face was pretty classic. That poor woman. LOL

Cheryl said...

I have to agree that the football in the face was so hilarious. I had to rewind it just to see it again. And when they voted that Andy and Angela were the better couple? Too funny.

I also agree with Bythelbs assessment about Ryan getting demoted. That would be hilarious. Well, if they make it hilarious. But I get what you are saying, Jamie. It was pretty serious, this episode...