03 April 2008

Rachel got tagged!

Rachel has been tagged by her first online friend Meg :).

10 things you may or may not know about me:

1. I love to sing. Every time we are in the car I ask my mom if she has her iPod. If she does, I ask for "Had a Bad Dad" and then "Hey There Delilah" and sing the whole songs.

2. I love my preschool teacher Anna.

3. I love to take baths but hate getting my hair washed.

4. My favorite food is cereal. I would eat it all day if my mom would let me.

5. I like to watch a lot of tv, but my mom doesn't let me every time I ask.

6. I love to blow bubbles.

7. I love to read books and ask my mommy to read to me a lot. I memorized "The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog" because my mom and dad read it to me so much.

8. I love going to the park and playing with my friend Ashlyn.

9. At the park sometimes I won't play with the kids though. I'll just sit and chat with all the mommies. I like to tell them my name and how old I am. Then I ask them their names.

10. I take my Pink & Yellow (blankets) everywhere. I always like to smell them. They smell good.

I have to tag 5 friends. I'm going to tag Ashlyn, Lizzy, Emma, Baby Elizabeth or as I call her Emily Elizabeth, and Caden.


Melissa said...

So cute! Rachel, you sound a lot like my own little girl!
Fun meme!

Matt & Brooke said...

Those are such fun little facts...but I really love the fashion on the previous post!

Hazen5 said...

Love it! Rachel, Payton would live on cereal too!

Awnya Boam said...

So cute! I love learing about your cutie!