26 April 2008

Sprinter Adventures

This morning we decided to finally ride the new train they built by us. It's called the Sprinter but as a local talk show host calls it the Sphincter. It cost way more than it's worth and took years to build. I hope that people ride it and make it worth it.

We decided to take it to the coast to spend a couple hours at the beach. We got to the platform in time and waited and waited and waited. It was supposed to come at 9:41 but around 10:00 we heard an announcement that they were having mechanical difficulties. The train finally came at 10:15 and we hopped aboard. It takes about 45 minutes to get to Oceanside on the train but at $4.00 round trip per person (or really for a day pass) it's worth it.

We walked along the strip and then down the pier to Ruby's. Something was attracting bees because we had to walk through 2 or 3 swarms of them along the pier. They had moved on after we were done with lunch thankfully.

After lunch we walked along the water and Rachel had fun singing, "I got the water, I got the water, I got the water." She got soaked! I was really happy about that actually because she has been very afraid of the water before. I'm trying to get her over that fear so we were encouraging her to get wet! She was having fun splashing us and chasing us too.

It's amazing how much fun you can have with your family just walking through the water and splashing each other! My only regret is that we didn't plan a little better and bring our suits and towels. It would have been perfect!

Then we walked back to the train station and took it home. Despite the train being 40 minutes late at the start it turned into a great family day!

Here are some pictures:

Waiting for the Sphincter..I mean Sprinter to come

Finally we got on!

Goofing off at Ruby's

At the beach


Shelly said...

Which station did you catch the train at??

Julie P said...

What a great day! When we were in SD last month we, uh...chased the Sprinter from Escondido to (is it San Marcos where that college is?). Yeah - you try being married to a train geek, or "rail fan" as they like to be called. :)

Jamie J said...

Julie P, did you win?? I'm sure you did. It's pretty slow. Yes it's San Marcos where CSU is. That's where we live actually.

Mom, we caught it at CSU San Marcos station.

kjehansen said...

What a fun day! Thanks for sharing, we are going to have to try that. Those are such cute pictures.

bythelbs said...

What a cute family you have!

Glad you had a fun day!

Emily said...

i shouldn't covet, but i'm soooo jealous! i miss so. cal!!!!

Jamie J said...

Emily, come visit me!

Cheryl said...

Wonderful! I love the pictures. Days like these are so much fun! I'm glad that it turned out well, even with the slow train.

Melissa said...

We LOVE Oceanside!!! That is the beach that we always hit when we want to go to the coast. We were there on the 14th :) The train sounds like a lot of fun. We might have to come down and ride it just for the experience. I've never been on a train!

Janelle said...

When we were in UT my 2 year old wanted to ride the train so bad so I took her from downtown to Murray. What she thought would be a fantastic roller coaster ride was so boring she fell asleep and I had to carry her all the way home. But at $2 its cheaper than gas!

The beach is tons of fun.

S'mee said...

When I was a little girl we would ride the train from O'side to DelMar every 4th of July, go to the Fair and then ride it back to O'side for the fire works over the pier. I loved that!

We lived right beside the hospital and grandparents lived down the street,so we walked everywhere and it was an amazing day! This post reminded me of those days! Wonderful!

Thor and I went to O'side Harbour for lunch two weekends a go and were down in SD last Thur-Sat. Such a great place to be!

Michele said...

I love the pictures. It sounds like so much fun. When we were out your way (what 2 years ago) we took the bus to the ocean but the train sounds like much more fun (even late).