10 April 2008

Yay! The Office is Back!

The Office is back and it didn't disappoint! I have been looking forward to this night for so long. I loved this episode and the dysfunctionality of it. What was up with Jan evil-eying Pam so much? I so felt bad for Jim and Pam hiding in the bathroom to talk to the camera. That was hilarious though!

Here are some memorable Quotes (Feel free to add your favorites of the night):
You have no idea the physical toll three vasectomies have on a person! - Michael

My apartment's on fire - Jim
Flooded - Pam
Flooded - Jim

Yay! The Office is back!


Julie said...

I love love love that you love this show! Stanton & I have been longing for its return and it DID NOT disappoint! One of my favorite moments of the night was Angela smearing the ice cream cone on Andy's car. And Dwight showing up with turkey legs and beet salad for his date and him. What a guest! Poor Jim & Pam! I loved tonight. And Jan really scares me. :)

Melissa said...

Yes!! I only wished that it had been longer... I loved the beginning where Dwight is crying because he didn't get invited to the party and Jim wonders if Michael created the overtime as a way to get Jim and Pam over to the house...
Sigh... I love that show :)

bythelbs said...

Jamie's an Office fan! I knew I liked you.

My husband and I were cracking up about the $200 plasma screen TV.

Michael: Sometimes I just stand here and watch TV for hours.

I also loved the little exchange between Jan and Michael where she says "I'm the devil" and Michael says "She's the devil and I'm in hell." (Ahem, pardon the language.)