29 May 2008

An all out crazy day!

Spencer knows how much I love the Padres so for Mother's Day he bought tickets to today's game. The Padres do day games once or twice a month in the summer on a weekday. The tickets are buy one get one free so they are a great deal. Today was also Rachel's last day of preschool and we had some crazy things happen also.

After I dropped Rachel off at preschool, I ran a couple errands and then got stuff ready for the game since we were leaving right after preschool ended. I went back to preschool thinking there was only 15 minutes left but really were was 45. I totally spaced on the time and for some reason thought preschool ended at 11:30 instead of 12:00. I hung out anyway and it was fun to watch Rachel with her teacher. She goes (or went, now, this was the last semester they are doing the program) to a High School preschool where the high school students are the teachers so it's a one on one situation. Rachel adored her teacher so I thought I'd get a little gift for her. I ended up just going with a $5 gift card to Starbucks but it turns out that she worked there! Oh well!

So after preschool was over Rachel and I went to pick up Spencer. He had his Spanish class this morning and left the scooter in the Institute parking lot. So there we are driving down to San Diego. Once we get off the freeway in Downtown I notice this touristy looking double-decker bus. I was just watching it while we were stopped trying to gauge the kind of people on it. They looked a little drunk or partied so it was entertaining. I was looking directly into the side door windows when all of a sudden I see this clear stream coming from this guy standing there. It took me a second before I realized that guy was peeing in a cup and I was lucky enough to be watching! He was not discreet either; I saw everything if you know what I mean. I will have that image burned in my mind forever and that's not what I want flashing in my memory for the rest of my life. The light turned green and the bus took off while I recovered still a little shocked at what I just witnessed. It was a good thing that the bus went faster than me because half a block up, that same door opened and a mysterious liquid was tossed out onto the street. All I can say is nasty! When we got to Petco park I really had to use the bathroom and Spencer jokingly asked "Do you have a cup?" Yuck!

So then we made it to the game and it was great! We got there a little late but we saw all the action and the Padres won! What more you you ask for? It took us forever to get back to the car and then the freeway so by the time we got to Spencer's scooter it was almost 5:30. I dropped him off and drove away. Two minutes later he calls and says someone tried to jam the ignition and he can't get it started. So Rachel and I turn around and drive back to the Institute. Sure enough someone tried to steal the dang scooter again but wasn't successful. So all of us went home together and the scooter sits lonely in the parking lot. Spencer and our friend went over there this evening to at least bring it home. The part will be here Monday so we'll have to make do until he can get it fixed. Spencer has to be at school at 7 am tomorrow and then work afterward so the scooter is sorely needed but we've been without it before. I'm just mad that someone tried to steal it! Who does that? Who looks at a scooter sitting in a "church" parking lot and tries to steal it. The funny thing is a few years ago when it was stolen it was at church too. What is wrong with people?

On a good note I took tons and tons of surveys with Mysurvey.com and finally got to 7000 points! That means my new 7 piece cookware set is in the mail! I don't do surveys for the stuff but it's definitely a bonus. I do surveys because I just love doing surveys! Spencer thinks I'm crazy but it's fun! (If any of you love doing surveys too, I can send you a referral link. Let me know.)

All I can say is we definitely had our ups and downs today. What a crazy day!


Cheryl said...

Hilarious day! Well, you know, somewhat hilarious. I guess the scooter being broken and you seeing a guy pee isn't exactly "funny". Ooh! I know! It's funny weird and not funny ha-ha. Yeah, that's it. :)

And think of all the memories! We have to have days like this...

Michele said...

I am so glad they didn't manage to steal the scooter but it is a bummer that it happened at all. I hate that feeling that you have after something like this that you aren't safe in places that you should feel safe.
The other parts of your day sound like fun. I love the pics of Rachel at the game. The double decker bus story is hilarious.

Lacey said...

well i'm impressed you moved all that heavy furniture by yourself, i don't think my stuff is near as heavy!
i can't believe that guy peed out the window,