13 May 2008

Don't vote for David Cook!

Tonight was a great night. And not only because American Idol is on but because I'm eating one of my favorite desserts--strawberry shortcake with homemade shortcake courtesy of Country Living magazine like 10 years ago--it doesn't get any better than that. I'll post the recipe if anyone wants it.

Anyone else think Ryan was funny tonight? I loved that little joke between him and Simon. It was hilarious and witty! I thought the judges songs were very aptly picked, the contestant's song picks we just eh and what is going on with the producer's picks? Do they even know the contestants at all? I have never been really impressed with their picks in the past either. I agree with Simon though--the night went to David Cook. But are we surprised? I just have one request:


He will do SO much better if he gets picked up by a recording label instead of being stuck to the American Idol contract. Let him have a chance like Chris Daughtry.

David A:
And So It Goes: That was a beautiful song. I really liked it. While he was singing it I imagined myself in a field of grass with yellow flowers and my eyes closed. It was very peaceful.
With You: Well he took my advice to sing something that wasn't 50 years old, but it was just okay for me. It was kinda weird and didn't sound in tune some of the time.
Longer: It was good, but didn't stand out for me. I really like that song and think it's a pretty song but again nothing special.

If I Ain't Got You: I thought she sang it beautifully but she sounded exactly like Alicia Keyes. Nothing too extraordinary
Fever: Good job singing but seriously...the dancing? That was way amateurish. She needs to be on Broadway not on American Idol. She needs to go sing on Chicago or something.
Hit Me Up: Well I didn't like that song at all. Blech...

David Cook:
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face: Pretty awesome. I think he totally pulled it off--but then David can do no wrong in my eyes. I loved the slow build to the high note at the end.
Dare You To Move: It was all right...I have gotten kind of sick of that song lately. Just a little shout out to local San Diego music-woot woot! He didn't do too much with the song though.
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing: Okay this song is WAY overplayed but he did a good job with it. I really liked the violins again too.

Well all in all it was a great show! I hope that David Cook gets kicked off but it will probably be Syesha to land the David's in the finale.


Julie said...

So, what I love about this season is that there is something for everyone! I like your assessment even though we didn't agree entirely. Does it bug you to watch Cook sing or is it just me?

Jamie J said...

No I like watching him sing...he's eye candy for me.

Melissa said...

Yep - I feel the same way... I think David Cook SHOULD win, but I don't want him to... he'll do so much better on his own - the proof of that was in the producers choices for songs tonight. What was up with that? Do they find the lamest songs they can just to see what they'll do with them??

The Price Family said...

Ha ha That is so funny that you say that because I said the same thing. Everyone that doesn't win gets the better deal.

Cheryl said...

I don't know if I agree with that last comment, because Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson (and it looks like Jordin Sparks here, soon) certainly did well with a win. But I can see what you're saying. It's hit or miss here...

David Cook sung his second song so out of tune, I about screamed. I don't care if Switchfoot is great, and I don't care if David Cook is great. If you can't see it in tune, then don't sing it!!

Other than that, I agree with a lot of what you said. It'll be interesting to see who will win...

bythelbs said...

I'm feeling very apathetic towards AI tonight. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe I just miss Jason's goofy looks and Brooke's dancing.

Jamie J said...

bythelbs, I miss Brooke too--not Jason so much. I bought a couple of her songs on iTunes last week.

Carrie said...

Hi Jamie,

I watched AI and have had a hard time this season. There have been good singers, but I think I have been more impressed in seasons past. I feel like I fast forward through a lot. DVR's are so nice for that purpose. If you don't care you just fast forward.

Hey I have a question. I saw in a past post a while ago about blog roll. How do you get that? I need it because I haven't been blogging as much lately because my life seems so busy. That would really help me to look at only blogs that have updated. You can post me or email me at lamorec@yahoo.comm

Thanks so much!

Janelle said...

Hi I'm really wanting the 10 year old shortcake recipe. Please post, it sounds delicious!

I'm hoping not voting for anyone satisfies your demands for not voting for Cook.

Eye candy status left with Michael Johns.