07 May 2008

Goodbye Jason!

Here's a few of my comments from tonight's results show:

*Are these commercials getting worse and worse? Whoa, can you say tight pants?!?

*The guy that sings for Maroon 5 as exceptionally annoying in this song. I couldn't even listen to the whole thing.

*I'm glad that Bo Bice is going back to his roots. His first single was not really his style and so it never caught on. This song-I Need a Witness-is definitely more his 70's rock style, but I didn't really dig it.

*And finally goodbye to Jason. I enjoyed watching him this season. He was really different than what they've had in previous seasons. I hope that he does well.

Well I'm off to San Fransisco for the weekend. My Dad, Rachel and I are heading up there tomorrow to visit my grandparents. My brother and sister in law were going to come but they decided not to at the last minute. Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Mothers Day! I'll catch you on the flip side!


Cheryl said...

Oh, sure! NOW you go to San Francisco --I'm not there anymore! Oh, the humanity!

Now I need to watch the entire AI show...I only watched who got voted off...tight pants? This I gotta see! :)

bythelbs said...

This was the first Ford commercial I've seen--I usually just skip them. Yeah, I think I'll go back to skipping them.

I was actually kind of sad to see Jason go. I mean, I guess he deserved to go, but he was delightful in his own special tripped-out kind of way.

Have fun in Fran-cis-co! Happy Mother's Day!

Jamie J said...

Cheryl, you don't know how bummed I am that you are gone! If you only you had held out another month and a half! LOL Hopefully we'll go to Utah sometime soon or even better you should come down here where it's warm!

Janelle said...

Oh fun you're coming up here! I guess you won't be checking your blog but what are your plans? There's so much to do, so much to see. The hills are just turning brown, I still like the brown, but green is better.

Jamie J said...

Janelle, my grandparents live in Menlo Park so we are visiting them. We are helping them get settled in to a senior living facility. They've lived her for longer than I've been alive so we've been up here quite a bit. I'm hoping to make it to the city tomorrow or at least see some of the sights.