19 May 2008

A momentus day!

I know that this is my third post for the day but I'm just in a blogging mood I guess! I have so much to report!

Today we went swimming with my friends and I am proud to say Rachel swam in the big pool ALL by herself! With floaties but she did not want me to touch her. "I can do it myself, Mom." was her favorite thing to say. She spent over an hour in the pool just swimming and kicking around and LOVING it!

Now this may not seem like much but up until today she was deathly afraid of the water. I mean death grip on my arms and panicky breathing any time I brought her into the big pool and she was off the safety of the steps. She wanted nothing to do with the big pool. She was happy splashing about and kicking in the baby pool. But today something changed I guess.

She went into the big pool today with her arm floaties and her fish ring and starting "swimming" around. I was so surprised she was comfortable. Then I asked her if she wanted to take her ring off and after thinking about it for a moment she decided she would. Again I was surprised! That was it! I could not get her out of the pool for over an hour! She was following her friend's dad around saying, "I'm coming C.J.! I'm coming C.J.!" I felt bad he was being bugged so much...but she was swimming back and forth across the whole length of the pool and back over and over again. I'm so proud of her!!

I know it's not that great of a video because it was my cell phone but here you go!


Cheryl said...

I remember when #1 finally got over her fear of the water and swam around with her little floaties. That was about 3 years ago, though...thanks for the video! It brought back some awesome memories for me. And I'm glad Rachel isn't afraid anymore!

bythelbs said...

Hoo-ray for overcoming fears!

Michele said...

Yay Rachel!!! That is so cool. I can imagine that you must be really happy and proud. I loved the video. She looks like she is doing great.

shay said...

She did great! And what a great sharer she was too with her pool toys...Lexie & Izzie sure enjoy Rachel.

Jamie J said...

Shay, It was fun to see you there! We'll call you next time we go swimming. The more the merrier!

Melissa said...

That's awesome! I still can't get Baby Girl to get out and swim just a bit... maybe she never will... who knows?!