16 May 2008

The Office Finale

Ahhh, he didn't even propose to her! I'm pretty annoyed that Jim didn't even get a chance to do it and that Andy stole his thunder. And what was with Angela and Dwight doing the nasty?!?!

Seriously though the finale was pretty dang funny and enjoyable. There were some seriously good laugh out loud moments.

*Jim answering Dwight's calls for him.
*Ryan getting arrested
*Dwight telling Holly that Kevin was "slow"
*"The real crime is the beard."--Oscar
*Michael taking money out of his shoe
*"Really, what do I do here? I should've written it down. "Qua" something, uh... qua... quar... quibo, qual...quir-quabity. Quabity assuance! No. No, no, no, no, but I'm getting close."--Creed
*"It was love at first see with my ears."--Michael

Well there were more but here are just a few highlights. What did you think of it?


Cheryl said...

I love that Michael has actually found his soul mate, but now he has to choose between her and a baby! (that's not even his, dang it).

Pam saying she always thought Toby was "kind of cute".

And DANG IT! Jim should have just proposed anyway.

Dwight and Angela getting caught by Phyllis at the end was hilarious! And shocking! And now I can't wait until next season!

Andy Bernard: "Mr. Andrew Bernard..."

Melissa said...

I love that the arrest of Ryan was on YouTube :)
And the way Holly treated Kevin and the way he reacted through the whole thing made me laugh like crazy!
I love that Phyllis knocked Angelas papers and books off her desk- you go girl! And I love that she threw the "best party ever!"
I was so disappointed that Jim didn't propose... now Pam's gonna be off to school... grrr... I kept thinking that the last little clip would be Jim proposing... imagine my utter horror to see Dwight and Angela! BLECH!

Jamie J said...

Melissa, that's what I was thinking...But Spencer thinks that Jim is going to get Ryan's job in NYC and then Jim and Pam can go there together. I hope it's true!

Julie said...

This was my fave episode of the season. The Kevin-Holly situation was hysterical. And it was so nice to see Michael show some restraint. Although she's not the "restraint" type of gal, so that'll be interesting.
I was seriously heartbroken when Andy stood up and proposed (how did his parents get there?!). I knew it was coming, though, when they cut to he and Angela before going back to Jim pulling out the ring. What will happen? I hope Pam is understanding -- she's got to see what happened! Don't you wish she could watch the show with us? I was absolutely in love with Jim the whole way through this episode.
And I loved that Ryan's arrest was on YouTube! Oscar's comment was so hilarious. That beard was a crime.
I really think The Office is better as a one-hour show -- it gives them more time to develop the humor of each situation. Wish the execs would see that one too.
Can't wait till September.....

Jamie J said...

Julie, I agree with you. I think they should make it an hour show. It ends way too soon when it's just a 1/2 hour. I hope they make it longer next season!

bythelbs said...

This was the funniest episode in a long time. The whole slow Kevin thing was hi.lar.i.ous.

You guys already quoted a lot of the best lines. I need to go watch it again.

And now we have to wait 4 months for more. I hate summer! Although it looks like the webisodes will start in July. Have you guys watched those before?

Susan M said...

I kind of hope the spin off show will be a Creed show. He is so funny.