19 May 2008

Pictures of Graduation

So as requested here are pictures from this weekend. Here's Spencer at my Dad's house before we left for the graduation ceremony. Doesn't he look handsome? I'm so proud of you Spencer!!

A bunch from the ceremony. The third one is him being surprised that I was right there taking pictures. He saw his really tall brother but I had to yell to get his attention because he didn't see me.

And after:
We had to wait a while for Spencer to come down and there was a fountain there. It was really hot and Rachel had a long day so I let her play in the fountain.

All our family left before the ceremony was over so there are no pictures of them. And it was super crowded there so as soon as Rachel and I met up with Spencer we took two pictures and then got out of there as fast as we could so we could get ready for the after party. Thanks to Spencer's parents, his grandpa, aunt, brother, future sister in law, my sister and brother in law, my brother and sister in law and mom for coming.

Here's a crazy story to remember. Rachel and I got to the stadium at 2 o'clock and the ceremony was starting at 3. By this time lots of seat had already been taken but there were plenty good seats still available. I threw my bag down at one end of the row and saved the row of 15 seats. As you can see from above we were going to have a lot of family come and I wanted us all to sit together. At first it was fine, just a few people coming to ask if the seats were taken and all of them graciously went somewhere else. Then around 2:30 lots of people started coming and some wouldn't even ask if they were taken, they'd just sit down. Most people would just say they were sorry and find another seat. Until this one guy. I had my bag about 3 or 4 seats in from the end and he came and sat with his girlfriend/wife on the other side of my bag. I didn't see him at first but when I did politely told him that my family was coming and that those seats were saved.

He very curtly said, "Well where are they?" I was a little shocked so I kind of stammered that they were on their way. They were by the way. My in-laws were in the parking lot, my sister and her family showed up minutes later and my brother was 5 minutes away. He proceded to tell me that I couldn't save seats and that he was just going to call security. I couldn't believe that he was talking to me like that! I told him that I had been there for half an hour to get these seats and it would be great if he could find another place to sit. Then I told him again politely that my family was coming and there would be 15 of us and we needed all the seats. He kept his butt in that seat and threatened to call security again. I was SO mad! Finally I conceded and said he could have the last two seats in the row but what gall! There were plenty of open seats! Two mintues later my sister and her family showed up and sat right next to him. She asked me if we had enough seats and I said, "We did until someone came and sat at the end of the row." Not until a few seats a couple rows up from us opened up did they move.

We did end up using all 15 seats. Stupid people. You couldn't see anything anyway.

**I had a video but for some reason my computer is not capturing sound so this is all you get**


Shelly said...

And such a fine handsome graduate he is too!!!! CONGRATULATIONS SPENCER!!!!!!!!

Emily said...

Wow, I didn't know you were able to get such good pictures of the graduation. We are so proud of Spencer! College is hard work and a super accomplishment.

Michele said...

As the graduations have been happening around here I was thinking about you guys. Congratulations!!!
Such a bummer about that guy being mean but I am glad he finally had the sense to move. You got some really good pictures!

Cheryl said...

Congratulations, Spencer! Hooray for graduation!

What rude people. Seriously! If you're saving, you're saving. It's not like you wanted 15 seats for yourself. Sheesh!

Janelle said...

Congrats to the graduate. Graduating is such a relief. I still have dreams where I think I missed a final and then I wake up and tell myself - you've already graduated. Calm down.

Your story reminded me of a rude crowd experience I had too. I'll try to post it tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me. - Janelle

Melissa said...

Congrats on the graduation! That's so great!!
As for the super rude man, you should have let him call security... then you could have informed them that he was harassing you and your daughter :)

Jamie J said...

Oh he was totally bluffing...I really believe he wouldn't have called security. He was just being such a jerk.