18 May 2008

Sunday Thoughts

What a whirlwind of a weekend and now I finally have time to sit down and record my thoughts. Spencer graduated--YAY!! (more about that in another post) so we had my sister here for a couple days and that was really fun. Rachel had a blast playing with her cousin Caden. Friday night we had dinner at my mom's house and hung around there for a little while. Then yesterday was crazy. This morning we were a little late for church since we were so busy and tired from yesterday. Plus we had to leave my sister here in our house and we wanted to hang out as much as possible. My brother and his wife came to church with us so this weekend was just chock full of family.

After church Spencer, Rachel and I all took looong naps to try to recover from the weekend. Rachel had a full on crying meltdown and was practically asleep before her head hit the pillow.

Then this evening our ward had a visiting teaching conference. Let me just say I love our ward. It's full of wonderful people but especially the Relief Society. (Those who aren't members of my faith, just ask if you need clarification) We have the greatest food. Every Relief Society activity we always have dinner and tonight didn't dissapoint. That's what comes with a RS Pres who loves to cook. The food was delish and the company was great. After dinner we all gathered for a discussion. The topic was "Never Suppress a Generous Thought" by Bonnie D. Parkin.

What a wonderful topic. We shared so many stories about not suppressing generous thoughts and the blessings that come from that. We talked about why we suppress them and what we can do to not do it in the future. We talked about how sometimes it's embarrassing or we feel stupid doing things but it usually works out for everyone's benefit. I have been on the recieving end of generous thoughts and have also acted on them. They are wonderful both ways. The topic also made me think of times when I had a thought to call someone or bring something to someone and haven't done it. I've regretted those sometimes.

One thing in particular struck me. One woman had sent another woman a note because they weren't able to meet up to visit each other that month. The receiving woman treasured that note because she was just having one of "those days" that we all have. The lady didn't have to do anything, she could have let a month slip by but because of that one small gesture another's life was blessed. For some reason that opened the floodgates for me. I'm really tired and I cry more easily when I'm tired so it was a little embarassing.

I sat back and looked around the room at all the woman who have blessed my life when I needed it. Some of them made meals, some just called. Some stopped by and brought something. Some sent emails or cards. There were a couple women in particular that I didn't really even know that well. Both brought gifts and because of that we have bonded. I just thought about all these women and how great they were and was moved to tears with gratitude. How they didn't suppress whatever generous thought they had to bless someone in need. I also thought about all of you who I don't even know. The support I felt from your kind words was so greatly appreciated.

Life has been interesting the last few months to say the least. I'm so much better than I was a month ago and I hope to keep getting better each day. I just want you all to know that each kind word and deed that you have shown me has helped me take more steps out of the pit I was in.

I want to strive to get over the insecurity that generally comes with acting on generous thoughts so that I can give back or pay it forward what was given to me. And not only that, but if we act on these thoughts that come from the Savior we in turn can be more like the Savior and that's what we all want, right? I encourage you all to go read that talk by Sister Parkin. It has inspired me to be a better, kinder person.


Melissa said...

Jamie - what a wonderful evening! It sounds like you had a really great time. I always loved Sis. Parkin's talks. I'll have to go and read that one! Thanks :)

Shelly said...

post pictures!

bythelbs said...

So glad you had a good day!

Now get some more rest!

Cheryl said...

Yay for graduation!! And for family. And great wards. And women who never suppress a generous thought. I'm going to have to go read that talk.

Thanks for sharing your day with us; and I'm glad you let the floodgates open and allowed yourself to cry. It always makes me feel better, but I try so hard to stop myself. Why is that, I wonder? Anyway, do what bythelbs said: Get some sleep! :)

Michele said...

Jamie, Thanks so much for sharing this. Even though I should be doing other work I read the whole talk. What you wrote really made me miss my religion's meetings. I have been blessed by being part of some wonderful groups of people and I miss it so much. Where we live now we are an hour away from the closest meeting. It sounds like where we are moving isn't much better but after reading what you wrote I know I need to try harder. I can feel the aching in my heart where that part is missing right now. So again thank you for sharing :).