06 May 2008

Weird American Idol--Hall of Fame Night

What a weird night! Crying, bad singing, forgetting the words! I felt like I was on a totally different page than the judges tonight and usually I agree with them most of the time. Maybe I'm just in a weird mood, I don't know. Okay on to my feelings on tonight:

David Cook
: Hungry Like a Wolf: All I want to say has already been said. I love him! I could listen to him ALL day! I'm not going to vote for him though because I don't want him to win. I actually would rather he got voted off tonight or next week so he could break off and be free. I love that Chris Daughtry got voted off because it's given him so much more freedom to do what he wants rather than being controlled by the American Idol label.
Baba O'Riley: One word: Awesome!

Syesha: Proud Mary: Ok that was just weird. I don't thing she was really in key for much of the song. Not the best choice for someone in the top 4. I know that Randy liked her, but I didn't. I totally agree with Simon that it was shreiky and a bad copy of Tina. I was thinking today --yes I think about American Idol during the week--that she might be the one to sneak up to the top 3 or even 2 but after that, I don't think so.
A Change Will Come: Is that what it was called? Yawn....I don't know that song so I don't have anything to compare it to but it was really boring. Whoa, the crying....I'm glad that the song meant something to her but I have to agree with Randy on this one.

Jason: I Shot the Sherrif: That interview was just goofy. I wish Jason would sharpen his confidence skills of talking to a camera. But I seriously LOVED his version of this song. I guess me and Randy and Simon are not on the same page tonight for sure! I'm not a super big Marley fan but Jason helped me like this song again. Totally loved it! I wonder if I'm the only one...
Mr. Tamborine Man: Ahhh! He forgot the words! You can't do that! I liked him on the guitar though and his voice sounded pure tonight. He was meant to just sit there with his guitar and sing.

David Archuleta: Stand By Me: When I was in High School I went through an Oldies phase. This was one of my favorite songs to listen to and sing. He sang it beautifully but I wish David would show his age a little. He's not 60 years old for crying out loud. He will win this competition but I'm not sure he will have a future selling albums...Once again Randy and I are not on the same page.
Love Me Tender: I acutally came home while he was singing this song and then I watched it back on tape after I saw the others. I did really like it but up until he started singing I couldn't remember what he had sang just 45 minutes before--forgettable. Just eh...

Once again a weird night. What are your feelings??? I'm curious to know whether I'm the only one who felt the way I did.


bythelbs said...

I agree--weird night. I just kinda felt meh about the whole thing.

Susan M said...

I didn't watch it till this morning. I turned it on last night and when I remembered Brooke was gone, I just didn't really care.

I haven't changed my mind about any of the performers. Kinda hoping Castro wins it just to tick off the whole AI establishment.

Shelly said...

David Cook - same ole...same ole...He's consistent. I'll give him that.
Syesha - Not seeing it!!! She needs to scoot off to Broadway....please no more American Idol for her!!!
Jason - Hey....I liked him too. He's just who he is. Liked his Marley version of "I shot the Sheriff". Too bad he forgot his words on the second song. But...I totally get who he is.
Archeleto - Oh please send him home to finish junior high or whatever. I'm so over him.........!

Janelle said...

I liked Jason't version too. I must be getting older but none of these youngsters set my heart a flutterin'. Do you think we can vote to bring back Michael Johns?

Emily said...

Janelle... AMEN!!! I LOVED Michael Johns... so sad he's gone...

what is wrong with me... Jason has NEVER done it for me! Maybe it's his interviews, he's just so dopey.

Long live David Cook!

and.... I liked Syesha's second song, it gave me chicken skin ;)