13 June 2008

Flip Flop Search Term Friday

*Note: For future reference my husband's alias has now changed to T-Bone. Monkey just didn't work for me...*

So because of my blog title I get a lot of search terms that have the word flip flop in them. Some of them are just your normal searches but you'd be surprised what can go with the word flip flop. I give you these for your reading pleasure:

Why I love flip flops (tell me, tell me)

Made in love flip flops

I love you flip flops (I love you too)

flip-flop carno (I don't even know what carno is??)

flip-flop smell (gross!)

got my arms they flip flop flip flop (one of my personal favorites)

hawaiian cleaning flip flops (they have flip flops for everything out there)

how to flip a 70s split level

flip flop pillows

flip flops drive me wild (me too, me too)

flip flop couch (I want to know if someone actually found one of these!)

flashing flip flops (Sounds cool. 50 points to whoever can name the movie that came from)

"i love her" flip flops (Hmmm.....)

And here's a few that aren't flip flop related that I just thought were awesome:

remember to appreciate your husband's money

spongebob sounds awesome wrath of our mustaches

"princess bride" "crapped my pants" (I love that they searched for these two together. Like they laughed so hard while watching Princess Bride they crapped their pants or something.)

What are your great search terms in the past few days?


bythelbs said...

flip flop carno? Like carnal? (ew!) or carne? (as in chili con) Very strange indeed.

I still love that princess bride crapped my pants thing. I don't think I've ever lost control of my bowels in any movie.

The Motherboard said...

I thought that princess bride thing was funny too! I love flip flops! I relish the day when its warm enough to move from yucky shoes to the glorious freedom of flip flops!!!

I really like your blog title.. you should be the flip flop mama...

Thanks for entering my giveaway!

Jumbo Shrimp said...

the motherboard-Thanks! Your right, I should have just called myself flip flop mama. Maybe I'll wait a little bit and then change it again. (I just changed it :D)

Melissa said...

HA! I love it! Those are some pretty cool searches... let's see... some of my latest searches include "Jon Schmidt nose", "can I get a pedicure at Disneyland?", and "sore back from dusting" :)

Knotty Britta said...

I lived in Hawaii for 3 years and yes, they have flip flops for everything!!