05 June 2008

Furniture Moving Chronicles

*Note to audience: I am going anonymous. I just feel the need to not use our real names anymore. So for further reference my husband will be T-Bone, my daughter will be Boogers and I will be Jumbo Shrimp. Now for your regularly scheduled post.*

Do you ever wake up feeling so tired it's like your head is glued to the pillow? Inevitably it's one of those mornings where your kid (or kids if applicable) is raring to go for the day and begging for breakfast all the while coughing in your face.

I had one of those mornings today. It started yesterday when we ran into my friend Lacey at the library. we usually go to the library on Wednesdays anyway so no surprise there but she was supposed to leave town that morning. We hung around a bit, picked movies for our girls (Boogers is addicted to Blues Clues right now) and tried to decide what to do next. It was playgroup at the park but freezing outside. It was June 4th in beautiful San Diego people and the mercury didn't even rise above 60! It even rained. Cold rain! Moving on....

So anyway we opted no to go to the park and I invited them over to play and have lunch. During lunch we were chatting as friends normally do and Lacey told me that she rearranged the furniture in her living room the day before.

Now I love to rearrange things. When I was younger it seemed we rearranged my bedroom every other month. Unfortunately this apartment doesn't give us much flexibility in that department. So for the last almost 2 years we've lived here, our living room has been the same. Our bedroom and Booger's room has been moved around a couple times but never the living room. So in an effort to not sit down on the couch with the laptop after I put Boogers down for a much needed nap--and I mean much after the freak out tantrums she's been having (more to come later) but I digress--I decided to move furniture around myself.

To those who have been in my apartment it may look like all I did was move a bookshelf into the living room. I assure you it was much more than that. I don't know about other obsessive furniture movers but I have a hard time picturing things in my head. I have to see it in place to really know what it will look like.

My idea was to move the piano over by the window and the blue and white chair next to the couch. So first I moved the couch to make room for the chair. Then I had to move the entertainment center over about a foot to make room for the piano. That thing is freakin heavy. It took me more time to move that a foot then it did to drag the piano 15 feet. I even took out the TV and it was still heavy. I had to just shimmy it back and forth until I got it moved. Then I moved the piano to where I thought I wanted it.

It didn't look right.

By this point my living room was a disaster and I was exhausted. I rested on the couch trying to decide what to do. I knew I didn't really want the piano in the living room anymore--it looked too cluttered. When we got the piano we just stuck it the first place that we could. I didn't really have time to move a whole bunch of stuff around. Plus it was right after my first miscarriage that kicked my butt physically so I was in no position to move anything around. I also decided that there weren't really any other good options for the living room so I moved everything back--except the piano and the entertainment center.

So I started thinking about what I could do to the office. I actually have been dying to reorganize the office for a while but didn't know what do to. Then it hit me--put the piano in there! I know it sounds weird-a piano in an office but it works. So that was a whole project in and of itself. I had to move the computer desk over, take a book shelf out and move our other table to where the book shelf was. And then then I had to drag and push the piano all the way to the office. Moving the book shelf also entailed taking out all the books and finding places for the ones that I didn't want on display in my living room.

It was tough, muscle working work but I did it all by myself and dang I feel good about that. I still have a couple little things to do like have Spencer move the entertainment center back a few inches and clean up the office a little more. The living room is more open without the piano and the office looks good too. I was exhausted but it was fun. Now where is that Advil...?


Melissa said...

Jumbo Shrimp - you are my hero! First of all, you have a killer new name :) And second? You moved the entertainment center and piano (also known as pain-o whilst moving it around) alone. I am amazed and impressed. I bow before your super muscles!

Michele said...

Wow! That is really impressive. I love rearranging furniture too. Or I should say I used to when I was younger just like you. Our living room has been rearranged I think once in 5 years but it was with both of us doing it so again wow to you!!!

shay said...

You remind me of myself in the furniture moving dept. I'm not patient enough to wait for Curt, so I do it myself too. Way to go! Those pianos ARE heavier than haites! Love the incognito names...but I'm curious why you didn't go private instead?

bythelbs said...

Jumbo Shrimp--very cute, although Jumbo is not a word I would normally think of to describe you. Do you have backstories for your names?

Way to go with the moving! I'm always the one to initiate the rearranging. My husband does not care, although he's happy to take direction if something's too heavy for me and he's usually happy with the results. Hearing "Yeah, you were right--this does look better" is very gratifying. Hope you got one of those too!

Jumbo Shrimp said...

shay-Personally going private is annoying to me (nothing personal since I know you are going private) I just get annoyed because the feeds don't come up on my Google Reader and I always forget to check the blogs. Also there are many more people that read my blog that I'm okay with that I don't have their email address. I don't know, going anonymous was just easier for me.

bythelbs-Boogers comes from the fact that she has been sick over and over for the last few weeks. Plus it's just something I've called her for a while. And my husband loves monkeys so it just fit. He thought of Jumbo Shrimp for me and it kind of fit. I AM a shrimp but you could say I'm large and in charge :)