12 June 2008

Sunbeam Moments

So I teach the Sunbeams (3-4 year olds) in church. We have so many little kids there are three Sunbeam classes and I have to say mine is the best. They say and do the funniest things. Here are some gems from last Sunday:

We were singing I Love to See the Temple and the last line says, "This is my sacred duty."
Avery looking at me: Are the words "sacred booty?"
Me laughing: "No sacred duty" emphasizing the DU.
Avery: "No, it's sacred booty."
Never contradict a 4 year old

Avery and Carson were kind of getting into it for a little bit. I'm not sure what they were debating but Avery is pretty opinionated (see above). All of a sudden I look over and Carson is using his fingers to make a diamond shape and he says, "W is for whatever."

The lesson on Sunday was I have feelings and we were singing If you're happy and you know it toward the end. I thought it would be fun to do If you're happy and you know it shake your booty. One of the kids looks at me and asks, "What's your booty?" I point to the appropriate body part. But then Caleb walks right up and plants his palm flat on my boob. "This is the booty," he says. I very quickly corrected him.
Ahhh, fondled by a 4 year old!


Julie said...

Seriously? That is hilarious! I was actually laughing out loud. Fondled by a 4 year old. So classic.

Susan M said...

Haha! So funny.

Cheryl said...

That never would have flown in a Valiant 11 class. :)

bythelbs said...

I've been fondled by my own kids plenty of times, but never anyone else's. I think it's hilarious that you were asking them to shake their booties. You must be a fun teacher!

Michele said...

I just had to pick myself off the floor I was laughing so hard at that. Everytime you write about your Sunbeams I understand a little better why you love teaching them so much :).

The Motherboard said...

I love sunbeams! they are the best!!
Sacred booty is the best interpretation of that song!!

My daughter--at that age-- used to sing a line in jingle bells.. the "one horse open sleigh" as a "one whore opened day"... as loud as she possibly could into our fan that sat in our open window...

Sunbeams are my favorite age!

Jumbo Shrimp said...

Cheryl--no way...I'm glad I teach the 4 year olds :)

bythelbs--I try to be fun! Afterwards I wondered why I did that, but they loved dancing!

the motherboard--Sunbeams are just classic!

shay said...

That's hilarious! At least it wasn't my 4 year old. She's pretty obsessed with boobs and she's not afraid to talk about it! You're a great sport!