13 July 2008

Do me a favor

Please go to my friend Jen's blog and read this post. She has struggled with infertility for some time and has had to pay out of pocket for treatment--as most of those who have this disease have to. It is an undue burden that has been borne by way too many couples. She has a wonderful letter that we can send to our local senator/representative to change the law regarding insurance coverage for infertility treatments. Please do me a favor and call, email, or mail a form of this letter--you may change it to personalize it--so that we can get the word out.


Jen said...

Thanks Jamie. I love you. You're so sweet.

The Motherboard said...

I still like your blog. I click over here so that I can just look at it lovingly!

Hazen5 said...

How sweet of you to help her get the word out!

Love your new look!!!