25 July 2008

Flip Flop Search Term Friday

So I was checking outmy Google Analytics this morning and a search term I got yesterday inspired me to do a Flip Flop Search Term Friday. So here is what people have been searching for lately.

Jumbo booty--yeah this is the one from yesterday. I hope they found some.

how to leave your spouse or how to get your spouse to leave or some other version of that--this one I find kind of depressing. I get a lot of them

yelling and screaming in the middle of the night--this one is just intriguing

horseflies jersey weddings--It seems like there is a horsefly problem in New Jersey. Anyone ever been there?

is nordstrom owned my a mormon family--I don't know, is it? I highly doubt it.

pictuer of young grils who loves flip flops--This one just creeps me out.

And this one is just gross and sad: husband so addicted to video games he pees in a cup

What's come up on your searches lately?


Melissa said...

mine are boring compared to yours! lol Pees in a cup? That's just WRONG!!!

Michele said...

I don't think I know how to do this. What do you do? I will try it. Things are kind of slow on the board front. I am talking to myself, well and a few other people maybe :)

Janelle said...

On wordpress you can block people from linking to your blog through search terms. So I've enabled that feature, but it does seem fun to see what search terms bring up your blog.